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Do you want a darker storyline?
Yes 47%  47%  [ 9 ]
No 32%  32%  [ 6 ]
Maybe 21%  21%  [ 4 ]
Total votes : 19
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, '09, 1:46 pm 
I've got some good news,everyone...Great news,in fact. I will be releasing a 3 hour demo as a way of saying thank you for all the support you've given me. :D Oh,and Darkil,when is the next chapter of 'The Lost Esper' due for release? I'm looking as forward to reading it as you are looking to my game. :) The demo is about 3-4 hours long,depending on how you play,and will go all the way up to Zio's Fort.

A couple of more screenies:

The main menu has been updated once again.I think this design works better than the previous versions.
I'm still in the process of drawing the other chars portraits.Only Alys,Rune and Wren are done so far.

Juza's ForceFlash is back with a bang. :D

A cutscene that shows how Alys and Chaz might have met.It's viewed as a flashback in the game.

SPOILER image coming up.Not avaliable in the demo.

Hope you like! :D

PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, '09, 4:02 pm 
There's Demi, I was wondering if she'd be involved or not, as you hadn't mentioned her/shown her in anything up to now. Good. :D

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, '09, 10:27 am 
Yes,Demi is still in the game,but she's a non-playable character,due to the four-party limitation battle and menu systems.Same applies to Raja and Kyra. Here's a couple of more screenies,dealing again with Alys and Rune's past.Most of the scenes which delves into the 'Eight-Stroke Warrior's' past is hidden,i.ow., you have to fufill certain conditions to view them.

I just love this scene,it's so beautiful and with the sad love theme playing the of my favourites.Brings a tear to my eye. :(


Alys' mentor Galf makes a cameo appearance. :wink:


Here's a couple of reworked character portraits,when the chars are talking to one another.

This is Alys' neutral expression,mainly when she's sad or thinking of a wistful memory.

Rune,my second fav char. The bond that he and Alys share in this game is beautiful.Isn't he just gorgeous? :starry-eyed:

Hahn,the ever-lovable nerd of PSIV. :D And he gets his meseta back in here!

...Gryz.No comment. :blank: :yuck: :ill: If it were up to me,I'd remove him permanently from the game,but his big 'ol axe has saved my sorry behind more times that I care to remember,so he has his merits.

I'm still busy with the other chars portraits. I'm sure you've seen Shorty's char portrait in one of the screenshots.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, '09, 7:16 pm 
God I wish I could draw that good. Cause I'm gonna use scenes on my game as well and damn I can't draw worth squat. I love the animated style you use. What do you use to draw? Do you pencil and paper it? or do you draw it on the computer using a certain program?

PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, '09, 8:22 pm 
Good 'ol pen to paper,Kaloes,then I ink it in with a normal black pen,then scan it in. I then use Paint Shop Pro 8 to colour my work...and all of it is done with a mouse. :D Í'm actually going to post a view screenies of my work in progress to show you exactly how it's done. :D

And believe me,I never started out like this.You had to see my earliest drawings of Alys. :lol: I struggled to get her hair right for about....two years? :D I only really started getting the hang of drawing the PS chars around 2005,and I started drawing them around... November 2002?
Man,it was so embarrasing. :oops:

This was done while I was making the cover for my game.
It's quite big,so just click on the above links. :wink:

Oh,and how's the Alys ficcie coming along?

PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, '09, 9:14 pm 
Your spriting is gorgeous. I just started working with a flash based isometric game engine and haven't found time to start seriously reworking sprites due to school. Keep up the good work! I love everything I see so far!

PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, '09, 10:45 pm 
The fics coming along slowly, I got hurt a few days ago and I've been hurting a bit so I haven't had time to try and write anything. I only get on here every once in awhile just to see whats up.. I'm suprised i'm writing anything atm lol.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, '09, 12:41 pm 
Hope you get better soon. :(
You're not suffering from writer's block are you? :wink: Here,maybe this pic will give you some inspiration,or make you feel downright depressed...Depends how you feel about Chaz,of course. :)


Course,your fic inspired me to do this game in the first place,you know. :up:
Some of the narration in the game also takes the form of a journal,kept by Alys.

And OrigamiTsunami...again I love that name...thanks for the feedback.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, '09, 12:33 am 
This explains why the cave leading to >>what was the name of that place again?<< didn't exist.

I reached it and thought, "Oh, so this is how a demo ends..."

PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, '09, 1:07 pm 
Er...Abom. The demo actually ends at Zio's Fort. A message will appear and tell you that the demo of the game has ended. It's around 4 hours long, remember? :wink: You can send me the details of why the game supposedly ended so soon, and I'll see if I can fix it.

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