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Do you want a darker storyline?
Yes 47%  47%  [ 9 ]
No 32%  32%  [ 6 ]
Maybe 21%  21%  [ 4 ]
Total votes : 19
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, '09, 6:05 pm 
Well wow, I feel extremely special now, you could say in a way my fanfic is being made into a game. But only in a way. I'm glad my fic inspired you to bring your project to action, and I'd be glad to help with some ideas. The only thing that may be different in our stories is the party setup. You see, in my original "rough draft" so to say the main party involved Alys Rune Demi and Hahn, while Rika stayed on Mota and Wren on Zelan, but in a way I felt like, although Demi and Hahn were two of my favorite characters they kinda seemed outta place ya know? Well maybe its just because a writer always tries to find some kinda flaw in their stories.. Anyways I got off track...

Anyways, I'm gonna pick back up on my fic and throw some idea's your way, but if its ok with you, and only because I find this PS project the one with the most promise "sorry guys its true", I'd like to be a part of it, only if its cool with you.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, '09, 6:12 pm 
First, let me say welcome to the site, Lyla! It's great to have you in our community.

Your game looks very impressive! I like how you've kept the spirit of the original game's design while still using updated and improved elements. I really look forward to playing this one when it is completed.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, '09, 8:49 pm 
Yes,maybe leaving Rika out of the party isn't such a bad idea after all.I mean,with Chaz gone,what's the point?But Wren is still in my party,so having Rika along wouldn't be so bad,I mean,for one thing,she isn't exactly one of my favourite chars. :neenerneener: And yeah,feel free to toss some ideas my way.I wished I'd post this sooner,because the game is about 90% complete now.It's around 14 hours in length,and it is MUCH harder than the original.I'm just waiting for some Alys sprites that I commisioned awhile back(y'know,when she wallops Grandfather D. :D )Anyway,in this game,Alys doesn't go looking for Rune,he finds her(aww,that's so sweet)so venturing to the Ladea Tower isn't included,and there are no vechiles in here,mainly because the script to use it is so complicated.Instead,the chars teleport via hidden teleport glyphs that are found throughout Motavia and Dezolis,activating after key events.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, '09, 7:01 pm 
Time for some more updates.
Load/save screen.
Feature update:
There are several new features in this game such as:
-Limit breaks,no combination system(this was the original's downfall,it made the game FAR too easy).And it is pretty hard too,to activate these limit breaks.
-Every battle is a fight for your life!Use those under-rated techs,such as Hahn's Doran and Rimit.They could save your skin in the Tonoe basement.
-Alys,Rune and Rika can get promoted.Alys promotes to Heroine,Rune to Sage and Rika to Paragon.They get enhanced stats,as well as additonal abilities.For example,Rune gains some healing abilities and Rika gets a couple of offensive techs.
-Gryz has some added abilites as well.He gets the techs Zonde and Gizonde,as well as a new skill called SkullBreaker,which is similar to Crosscut and Double-Slash in terms of damage. :)
-You can recover your health in battle per turn,along with all the other additional health benefits.
-Wren can be buffed like any other character. :yes:
-Some enemy skills zap your TP.

Here's the title screen.Hope you like.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 24, '09, 9:18 am 
It's been a while since I posted any updates,but I've been hanging out at,for my daily PS fix. :D My game threads are quite active over there.

-The original soundtrack of the game remains intact,and I'm using high-quality MP3s'.There are a few new tracks as well,as well as some for nostalgic value. :wink:
-There are several more techniques in the game such as Omega Efess,Dual Nafoi,Dual Nawat,Bubble(ff12 fans should know what that spell does),Mana Spring and many more.
-I'm reworking the battler graphics.The image below is just a tester with a lvl 99 Alys going solo against DF3. :) Techs and skills now use TP,and are displayed in the same window.

-One of the many reworked cutscenes in the game.

I'll update some more at a later date.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 24, '09, 4:33 pm 
Wow, did you do that battler of Alys yourself? It looks like it could of come straight out of the Generations games. May I petition a PS style battler myself >.> My spriting isn't that good ^_^, but anyways I like what I see. When this is completely finished I am so downloading it.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 24, '09, 7:18 pm 
Yes,I have been inspired by the Generation 2 battlers,but it's pretty dang hard to do,to say nothing of lining them up properly.I think your spriting is pretty good,Kaloes.Everyone has to start off somewhere,right? :)

I could take requests for battlers,but I'm overloaded right now.The estimated game size is 100mb plus. :o I hope it won't be a problem when I upload it onto megaupload/rapidshare one of these days?

I'm gunning for a release date somewhere around November(first week).

PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, '09, 10:55 am 
I haven't been here in ages,so I might as well give another update on my work in progess.I redid all the interiors of the buildings,reworked the entire
Motavian overworld map,eliminated random encounters on the Motavian overworld and I am busy adding two alternate endings to the game. :) Lots of work ahead though.And I've added COIS-Compulsive Object Investigatory Syndrome. :D Here are a few more screenies.Someone is also helping me do hi-res versions of the original games battlers.They will look far more realistic when completed,and will complement the Terragen backgrounds nicely.

Yep,Stumpy is back to annoy you fans.But that's not all...
Look here...


Those red dots are the enemies.

Poor Hahn...

Just looking at the basement freaks me out...

I'll update soon again.And please leave feedback.Pretty please?

PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, '09, 11:03 am 
I am not worthy of your game... absolutely amazing! I am speechless...


I really wanna play. :cry:

PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, '09, 3:51 pm 
Being able to see enemy sprites on the map=automatic bonus of +1000 points.

*should really get RPG maker to play this.*

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