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PostPosted: Sun Apr 11, '10, 10:18 am 
Congratulations Lucas. You sold me. Now I must read this just as I planned to since chapter 1. I'll do it tomorrow after work.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, '10, 12:26 am 
Very nice! Your characters look very endearing.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, '10, 4:49 am 
Looks great, Lucas. Keep up the good work.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, '10, 7:53 am 
Thanks again guys, I’m glad you like them. :)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, '10, 4:22 am 
Drawing UPDATE!

I went and got creative again (well tried :lol: ) here’s my newest drawings related to my story. Hope you guys enjoy theses ones too.

The Motavians (Hank & Isa)
Yes, these two characters have been based off Gryz and Pana from PSIV. But I’ve given them their own unique personalities. They are brother and sister and live in the same house along with Will. Hank is a skilled hunter that prefers short ranged weapons such as knives in taking down his foes. But he does admit he can use a handgun quite well. He’s a very laid-back and cheerful character. Isa is his younger sister who is able to cast healing magic and was the one who removed the poison from Autumn’s body using the spell Anti. She is also able to cook human food even though her species doesn’t eat it.

Yes it is the same creature that appeared in PSO. How is he going to fit into the Algol solar system you ask? Don’t worry I’ve all ready got that covered. The demon from Phantasy Star Online has already had a huge impact on my story. He’s the one responsible for a very big event that’s already taken place. Don’t expect to meet him for a while though…a long while. Both Dark Force and The Profound Darkness will have some competition when he arrives though. I also redesigned his sword to a double ended spear with it’s own drooling jaws just to make him look a little more evil. :evil:

Autumn gone sky-high
My personal favourite drawing at the moment :wink: . I drew this just to show off he hair in all honesty. She does after all have the longest hair out of all the characters in my story. Basically it’s just her falling though the air as though she busted out the side of a mountain or something due to all the falling rocks. I had her claws extracted to show off her weapon of choice as well.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, '10, 9:09 am 
Yay! Hank and Isa pics! I've been waiting to see how you'd draw them. I like! Especially Isa; she looks so sweet (just the way I pictured her).

Dude, Olga-Flow's redesigned weapon is the epitome of evil. Holy cow. I'd love to see a weapon like that in a game. Great job on Olga-Flow; that's an outstanding drawing!

And I told you this already, but I just love the posing in Autumn's pic. :yes:

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