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PostPosted: Sat May 1, '10, 10:08 am
Hey everyone, here I am again, this time with a really short one-shot story. I might expand upon this one day but I highly doubt it. Though I will probably end up referring to this in a few of my other stories in the future. I was reading a book when I thought up of this story, and I began writing without looking at any references, or anything else. I wrote this story in about an hour so enjoy it I guess for what it is. So without further adou, I present to you Creation and Destruction.


Hundreds of thousands of millenia ago, only a single entity existed. It was neither good nor evil. It had no intelligence, nor physical form. It's one and only purpose was to exist. During it's fifty-sixth millenium, the entity began to change. Over time it slowly divided itself into two.

Thousands of millenia passed and the two entities began to develop intelligence. With that came creation. However, with the birth of creation, both entities began to develop personalities. The first entity simply lived to create, love, and help all life prosper. The second entity was sick of creation, and simply wished to destroy. These entities became known as the Great Light, and the Profound Darkness.

After a millenium, a war broke out between the Great Light and the Profound Darkness. The battle raged on for well over a hundred thousand millenia. The Great Light was the victor, who sealed away the Profound Darkness, but at a great cost. Everything that was created had been destroyed, the Great Light had won the battle, however it lost the war. Thus the Great Light rebuilt it's empire. But at a cost, for it's seal on the Profound Darkness weakened, allowing it to escape.

Too weak to fight back, the Great Light had few options to saves its beloved kingdom. It could fight it off with what little power it had and lose, or it could allow one of it's creations to fight for it, bestowing upon the chosen power from itself. However it would be impossible for the chosen to completely defeat the entity known as the Profound Darkness, but perhaps, it thought, that it could delay the Profound Darkness until it's own powers replenished. Thus the Great Light turned itself into a seal. Perhaps one day the evil will be destroyed, but until then, the Great Light sat, awaiting it's chosen to defeat the darkness.
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