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PostPosted: Sat Jun 21, '08, 9:23 pm
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A bit of an alternate universe Phantasy Star I.

(AW 342, the Castle in the Sky, somewhere above Palma)

He sensed their presence in the castle, slowly approaching. Monster upon monster was loosed upon them, but the four valiantly fought their way through.

LaShiec knew that they would soon arrive. He was ready for them. He had to be- after all, they had prepared for him, gathering the legendary Laconia equipment, as well as learning ancient magic.

"Dark Force, give me strength," he muttered as he rose from his throne. Slowly, he adjusted his armor, maneuvering it in place in order to properly convey his image of "LaShiec, Lord King of Algo." He then grabbed his jeweled scepter from its recess in his throne, thumping it once on the floor.

"I am ready for you."

And not a moment too soon- a small yellow Musk Cat skittered into the throne room, clutching a silver blade in his mouth. The cat hissed in anger before shouting, "He's here! He's up here!"

There were footsteps. LaShiec noticed first a blue-haired man swaddled in white robes, then a very tall blonde man trailing the cat. The man in white held an elegant-looking staff, while his companion hefted an axe into combat position, its blue-green blade shining in the afternoon light.

And then LaShiec noticed her- a beautiful young woman striding past the two men, her crimson lips curling into a frown as she came to a stop. Her sapphire eyes burned with barely restrained anger as she yanked a longsword free of its scabbard. Like the axe, the sword was wrought of blue-green metal.

"Ah, at last, you have arrived," LaShiec started, taking a step towards the group of four. "Myau, Lutz, Tairon... and Alisa."

"Your reign's at an end, tyrant!" The blonde boomed, his body tensing. "We're gonna put you in a grave, just like all the others you've had silenced!"

"You don't say. You think your precious Laconia weapons and Esper magic are going to stop me?" LaShiec asked.

"Master Tajima has trained me well," the blue-haired man replied. He tossed his robe's hood back, then raised his staff. "I am ready."

"Prepare yourself, LaShiec!"

"Now, now, do you really think you can defeat me?" LaShiec chuckled as he sized up the group of four, then turned towards the brunette woman. "I shall make you an offer- leave, and you shall have your lives."

"We don't have any intention of turning and running." The woman's defiance was obvious.

"Now, now, Alisa Landale... let me finish. Your friends shall have everything they ever wanted- good food, good jobs, freedom to travel across Algo, and all the Meseta they'd ever want. And you, my dear Alisa... you shall never want for anything ever again."

"All I want right now-" Alisa raised her Laconia sword, pointing the blade at LaShiec's chest. "Is to avenge Nero!"

"Nero? Ah, your brother. As I was saying, my dear Alisa, you will never want for anything ever again- your brother will be safe and sound, and you'll be living a nice, luxurious life. All you have to do..." He leaned towards Alisa, casually sidestepping her sword. His lips curled into a sadistic smile as he continued, " become my queen."


"Every king needs a queen, you understand. With all the expertise you have in combat, and all the magic you know, combined with your tremendous beauty..." LaShiec laughed again, and Tairon resisted the urge to drive his axe clean through LaShiec's skull. "...You would be my perfect queen. We could rule Algo together... forever." He waved his hand, and a tiara appeared on Alisa's head. "What say you, my dear?"

Alisa replied not with words, but by swatting the tiara to the ground, where Myau promptly sent it across the throne room, resting to a halt at the foot of LaShiec's throne. Shrugging, LaShiec raised his staff. "Very well, then," he said. "You shall soon see the grave error in your judgement!"

Immediately, Lutz pointed at the king, the head of his staff glowing bright green. "Hewn!" he cried out, summoning waves of wind to torrent LaShiec. The tyrant's response was a simple chuckle.

"Such a feeble spell," he said, taking a step closer to the group. "This is how you use magic, Lutz... Gi Tandle!"

Massive bolts of lightning arced from his staff, striking the four warriors and knocking them to the floor. Tairon was the first one to stand back up, tightening his grip on his Laconia axe. Myau and Alisa shakily rose to their feet, followed by a very dazed-looking Lutz. Sickly black char marks stood out on the front and back of his otherwise white robe.

"Is everyone all right?" Lutz asked. Seeing that his companions were still alive, though badly burned, he sighed with relief.

"Tairon!" Myau climbed up the giant of a man's shoulders, his small body radiating pearlescent light. "Power!"

The light flowed into Tairon, and he could feel adrenaline cousing through his body as his muscles stretched and tensed. He rushed LaShiec, swinging his axe with a savage battle cry. His success came with the loud clang of metal on metal, followed by LaShiec's sharp grunt. He took a step back as he propped himself on his scepter.

Alisa saw her opening. Putting her sword away, she formed a small fireball in her hand, then launched it at LaShiec with a shout of "Flaeli!" To her surprise, the fireball rippled harmlessly against LaShiec's armor.

Once again, he chuckled. "This is your best effort?" he asked derisively. "I honestly expected better of you all... especially you, Alisa."

"You want my best? You want our best? I'll show you our best, LaShiec!" Alisa replied. She drew her sword, then lunged towards LaShiec with one fluid motion. He was able to dodge the brunt of Alisa's attack, but the Laconia blade grazed the wound Tairon's attack had left. Gritting his teeth through his pain, LaShiec raised his staff.

"Shadow Bind!"

White lines rose from the polished floor, surrounding Alisa as she backed away from LaShiec. Before she could react, the thread-like lines wrapped around her wrists and ankles, binding her in place. As the spell took effect, the color faded from the threads as they became pitch black.

"What the?!" Lutz asked. "I... I've never seen a spell like that before!"

"And you never shall again..." The head of LaShiec's scepter started to crackle with electricity. This time, he pointed it at Myau. "Now, begone, pesky creature. Gi Tandle!"

A thick bolt of lightning crackled into existence, blasting completely through the Musk Cat and sending him out one of the throne room's windows. Odin shouted a universal expletive and ran towards the window, diving head-first after Myau.

"I'm not sure how to get past these bindings, Alisa," Lutz said, keeping LaShiec in his vision. "It seems to be similar to your Magic Rope spell..."

"Then I should just be able to shrug it off, right?" Alisa asked in response. "I'll keep trying- just blast LaShiec for me!"

"Now, now..." LaShiec strode towards the two remaining companions. "You should let him fight his own battles, Alisa... Hypnosis!"

Spirals and pocketwatches suddenly filled Alisa's mind- for some reason unknown to her, she found the effect tiring. Her eyes closed, and she fell asleep, her Laconia sword falling to the floor as her grip relaxed.

"Damn you, LaShiec," Lutz said, raising his staff. "Gi Hewn!"

A tornado was summoned into the throne room, buffeting LaShiec. Like Alisa's fireball, the tornado effectively wrapped around his armor instead of smashing the tyrannical ruler of Algo into pieces.

"You just don't know when to give up, do you?" LaShiec asked Lutz. "I suppose another Gi Tandle should change your-"


Tairon's voice came from the window. His head peeked into the room, and Lutz could see Myau's body resting across the warrior's shoulders. "I caught Myau, but he's really hurt... I think we'd better withdraw for now!"

"No. We can't leave Alisa," Lutz replied. "We all leave, or none of us do!"

"Tairon, Myau'll be fine! Let's do what we do best!"

I am NOT Fastball Specialing the Esper, Odin thought as he climbed back into the chamber, setting Myau into a corner. He drew his axe, staring down LaShiec.

"I thought I told you three to leave me or die?" LaShiec asked. "Very well... Gi Tandle!"

Once again, Tairon, Myau, and Lutz were electrocuted by LaShiec's powerful spell. Myau was again launched through the window, followed by Tairon and Lutz shortly thereafter. Now alone, LaShiec turned towards his sleeping captive. He smiled malevolently as he started casting another spell.

"Mind Blast!"

He could see every one of Alisa's thoughts, standing out on a starry background- memories of her brother Nero, all her anger at LaShiec, all her friends back in Camineet, as well as her entire journey. "Such nice thoughts," he said.

"What do you care?" Alisa's voice replied. "Get out of my mind, LaShiec! Now!"

"What are you going to do to stop me?" LaShiec asked. "Alisa, I told you... all you had to do was accept my offer. I am the Lord King of Algo, and I always get what I want."

"If you think I'll ever help you-"

Alisa's voice was interrupted by LaShiec touching one of her memories of Dezolis. "Oh, but you shall, Alisa Landale. You may be some champion of the people of Algo, but soon, you shall be my queen. And all I have to do... is change the way you think."

Waves of energy emanated from LaShiec's staff, hurling towards the memories. He continued, "Now my reign shall continue unchallenged!"

End of Prologue

Holy freakin' crap! Myau, Tairon, and Lutz beaten badly!? Alisa a bad guy now?! What will happen to Algo now?!
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