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In this scene, the unnamed hero of Phantasy Star Adventure meets Laila, who introduces herself as the younger sister of Dr. Ken Miller. This is Dr. Miller's house in Carsonville, Dezoris. The her has travelled here for a meeting at the doctor's request. The hero notes that the young woman appears to be about 17 or 18 years old and attractive. The blue jewel she wears also catches the eye, but she reacts negatively to any attempt to get a closer look at that.

Laila has a secret that is revealed later in the game: she is an android created by Dr. Miller. Considering that secret, one may wonder if Laila's strong resemblance to Mieu of Phantasy Star III is more than a coincidence.


You may view the gallery page for An droid, the droid, whatever..

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Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Ahh,, the blue jewel!!!!!!!!!!

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Ah ! Phantasy Star Adventure ! Not the greatest of all the PS (far from it...) but agreeable to play on an emulator (and very short to finish !). :o

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Blue Jewel power !! :)

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