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Do you think I'll do it?
Yah. 27%  27%  [ 3 ]
Na. 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Hahn's weak spine will slow you down. 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Raja's pathetic poking stick will prove unusable. 73%  73%  [ 8 ]
Another character will be too hard. 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Total votes : 11
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, '10, 7:31 pm 
Thanks for the advice and tips.

A note for those who aren't entirely clear on the concept, what I am doing are solo runs for the portion of the games characters are normally in, without hacks. This means nothing after Juza for Alys, nothing after Zio for Gryz before the PD, etc.

As for Raja... yeah, I know he is going to be a royal pain.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, '10, 8:57 pm 
More tales of Rune.

Grinded him to level 34 in Nurvus, and decided to see if he could beat Zio, as both levels 33 and 34 are dynamite levels when it comes to hp gains. He came up to Zio, leading to the following exchange:

Zio: I knew you would come here.
Rune: I knew you would be here.
Zio: We have no choice...
Rune: There is no other way...
Zio: It is time...
Rune: Time to duel!
Zio: Using a children's card game!
Rune: No, using magic!
Zio: Oh, alright. I still prefer children's card games...
Bakura: Hey Rune, could I be in this episode of Phantasy Star abridged?
(Elysdeon comes out of nowhere and stabs him.)
Bakura: Ow!

Anyways, what I thought was going to be a wizards duel was more of a wizard curb stomp. Rune do 320-350 damage with Efess. Zio did 1 damage with hewn. Rune did 180-190 damage with Tandle. Zio did 1 damage with corrosion. Rune did 170-180 damage with NaFoi. Zio did 35-50 damage with Black Wave, and 75 damage the one time he used his normal attack. Rune had 160+ health. In other words, he was able to laugh off all but one of Zio's attacks, the one that has the least likely chance of happening. Zio died after using Rune's four Efess's, five Tandles, and a half dozen NaFoi. He only had to use a dimate once. Rune could have done the battle at level 30 easily.

Going to do some robot free grinding till about level 40, and then heading to Dezolis.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, '10, 5:10 pm 
D1 is toast.

I grinded to level 36, did the rescue the boy mission, got a level, killed the chaos sorcerer, got a level. Rushed my way to D1. Rune had seven efess at level 38, about 175 hp and two legeons, and six tandles. Efess did 325-360, legeon did 295-305, and tandle did 200-215. D1 did 35-45 with phonenmezer, 65-85 with burstroc, and 60-115 with flare. Yeah, flare was weird. I didn't have quite enough dimates to survive the battle, and Rune's health was low for the battle as well. Grinded to level 40 after getting more dimates. D1's attacks doing about 5 less damage, Rune having about 10 more hp, and Rune getting two more efess was enough to bring D1 down. Rune is performing admirably so far. As as now, he's been able to get rid of bosses at much lower levels than Chaz, and especially Rika. Grinding with him though is a bit of a pain, I must admit. Oh well. On to the aircastle.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, '10, 6:00 pm 
Out of curiosity, how are you equipping Rune? Are you using two shields or giving him a staff?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, '10, 7:56 pm 
Using two shields of course. Trying to kill monsters with a staff would a an exercise in futility. His spells work much better, and his defense gets an insane boost from dual shields. All upside with no downside.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 2, '14, 9:26 pm 
Anyone still active here ? If so, do you take on requests ? If so, May I see these 2 things:

A Kyra Versus De-Vars Solo

A Kyra Versus Sa-Lews solo

Hope this isn't a problem!

PostPosted: Tue May 12, '15, 10:19 pm 
It actually is possible to do a solo with Raja for the time you have him, infact, Raja fighting the Dark Force solo is not hard at all, from what I saw in a Raja solo challeng video.

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