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Do you think I'll do it?
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Hahn's weak spine will slow you down. 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Raja's pathetic poking stick will prove unusable. 73%  73%  [ 8 ]
Another character will be too hard. 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 25, '09, 12:38 am 
We hates the witches. We hates them so much!

Seriously, the developers obviously expected you to use barrier. Without it, a level 54 Rika gets insta killed at full health if all three witches use Giwat, and is almost redlined if all three Gizan. And there is nothing I can do about it except continue to grind. At least Rika levels quickly. The witches is the first boss fight where Rika is going to have to be significantly higher than Chaz to beat them.

Alright witches. You have won... for now.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 1, '09, 5:08 pm 
I leveled Rika up to 58 and tried to tackle the witches again, but Rika wasn't improved enough, was still killed by three Giwats. One good thing was that I figured out that in this fight deban was useless, so I switched my buff spell to shift, which raised Rika's disrupt damage up to 470+. That's not a typo. With that kind of damage, I just basically need Rika strong enough to get off four attacks. Then the witches are toast. Will grind to level 60, and try again. If that isn't enough, I will investigate the possibilities of shields.

Questions for the peanut gallery.

The reflect shield and armor say that they help resist spells. Is this true? If not, is there any armor for which this is true? Much obliged.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 1, '09, 5:49 pm 
What gear are you using? Are you using the Silver Tusk/Laco Claw combo?

The Xe-a-thouls have 1,500 Hp each so probably taking down one of them at a time with DoubleSlash might be faster with your level.. You said you were doing over 400+ dmg with Shift+Disrupt so you might be able to take em down a bit faster with DoubleSlash. Dunno, I haven't made it there with Rika yet.. Working on my solo Alys run right now.. I got her up to DF 1 and stopped.

Maybe hitting level 65-70 might help, if you get good enough stats from the rng. Just keep at it.. Solo challenges are hard,but fullfilling when you complete them in the end.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 1, '09, 8:04 pm 
I'm starting to wonder if you'll have to take Rika all the way to level 99 in order to finish the game with her. Lashiec may not give you much trouble once you get past these three, but I have to wonder about some of the later bosses.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 1, '09, 11:01 pm 
Nah, I don't think that Rika will need to get that high. The witches were horrible with Chaz as well, probably the hardest boss fight in the game for him, narrowly edging out Gi-Languiah. As Rika had deban, making Gi-Languiah easy, the Witches will probably be the hardest hump for her to jump over. Things should just get easier for her.

On a side note, one irritating thing I have noticed about Rika is that she definitely doesn't feel as sturdy as Chaz does. It might just be my imagination, but she seems to take a bit more damage from everything, especially spells. This is problematic, as her high evasion is useless against spells.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 1, '09, 11:30 pm 
Ah ha! I've done it! It took a change in tactics, some rule stretching, and a ton of luck, but I did it!
Here's what I did. First, I went to the heal spot and revived all of my party members. Then I went right in front of the witches and save stated. I used the other character's as meat shields as I shifted Rika. The different tactic I used is that while the other characters distracted the Witches, Rika got lucky enough one of the half dozen times I did this to attack the leftmost witch with double slash, which did 610-630 damage. This one was a time I was lucky, in that the witches KOed the other members of the party with single target attacks, rather than use Gizan. Once they were done with the other characters, Rika used disrupt, nearly killing the double slashed witch. Then there were a half dozen healing rounds before I got lucky and had about 170 health. I took a gamble, and double slashed the injured witch. It died, and the other witches used Gizan and a regular attack, barely leaving Rika alive. Even with two, the fight was hard. I had too heal another couple of rounds before I had my opportunity to double slash the middle witch. It died, leaving the single rightmost witch. It was sheer simplicity by this point to heal up and then kill it in two more turns.

I will freely acknowledge my victory wouldn't have been possible on a original Genesis, and that have other characters take damage for Rika stretches the spirit of a solo run. I know all this, but I started this solo run because it would be fun for myself, and was a opportunity to learn more about the game mechanics. By the point I was at, leveling up enough to deal with the witches properly wasn't fun, it was a nightmarish prospect, and there wasn't anything more to really learn. Stay tuned for Lashiec's butt whopping.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 2, '09, 7:39 pm 
I'm glad you beat them.. But not being rude or anything but using your other characters as meat shields defeats the purpose of a solo challenge. Unless its unavoidable such as in Final Fantasy IV where Rubicante brings your characters to full health, using other characters makes as decoys destroys the challenge...

PostPosted: Thu Dec 3, '09, 2:15 am 
I have already responded to that particular criticism. Read the post.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 3, '09, 5:37 am 
Yea I didn't come back and notice it until a few minutes ago.. My page ended at the end of the first large paragraph so I apologize for not being able to read.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 5, '09, 7:04 am 
I may know the reason for Rika being less sturdy than Chaz when going up against those Witches. Actually, it applies to pretty much every boss that uses magic or techniques. Compare their Mental scores. I'm sure that by now, any fan would know that the user's Mental stat influences their ability for tech casting as well as the Magic Defense, which is in the game, but is hidden, but it also determines how well they resist magi/tech damage.

In fact Rika has one of the lowest Mental stats in the game, excluding Demi and Wren of course. She doesn't even max it out to 99, but rather, 89. Even Gryz manages to get his stat up to 99 when fully leveled.

This little chart my help you if you aiming for the really high levels, MrRoivas. It only lists the chars HP and TP.

Lvl 90 PSIV stat comparison.

Name HP TP

    Alys 583 433
    Chaz 566 333
    Hahn 481 497
    Rune 394 695
    Gryz 685 151
    Rika 502 305
    Demi 608 0
    Wren 862 0
    Raja 404 524
    Kyra 533 407

sorry about the code.

Hope it helps in some way. Thought I don't think it will be necessary to take them that high. :)

Did I read correctly, Kaloes? You're soloing the game with Alys and taking her all the way up to PDarky?!?! Man, I admire your effort. That is going to be one tough nut to crack. :o Just for reference, here are her lvl 99 stats. You may have to take her all the way up, and her stats are pretty darn good.

Alys HP: 646 TP: 476
All stats 99.

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