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PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, '11, 12:09 am 
This is my attempt to improve Phantasy Star 2.5 Fallen Planet, created by James Quinn. I enjoyed the game and the tone it took, but there were many things about it that bothered me. Rather than trying to complain James into doing it, I decided to use the RM2K editor to rework the game to my liking. This is the beta release of my improvements. Changes made are listed below.

I'm apparently not allowed to post URLS, so type megaupload dot com forward slash ?d=7TJH14FU to download the beta.

-The original MIDI soundtrack has been mostly scrapped. Music from Phantasy Star and Phantasy Star II have been replaced with WAVs of the same music from the Phantasy Star Collection I CD. Music from Phantasy Star IV has been replaced with WAVs taken from perfect MP3 rips of the original game. Music from mainstream bands has been replaced with the original.
-All MIDIs I found by going through the editor have been fixed. It's entirely possible that I missed some (especially those triggered during events). Please let me know if you find any.
-The random encounter rate has been cut by 2/3. Enemies now give triple experience and meseta to compensate. Random encounter enemies that previously gave no experience or meseta now give experience and meseta comparable to other enemies in that part of the game. Even with these changes the player does not have a ton of extra money left over at the end, forcing the player to grind to stock up on some of the more expensive items. This honors the pace of the original. When killing all random encounter enemies experience and meseta will be reasonably similar to what they would be if killing all enemies in the original.
-The game script has been greatly cleaned up. There were too many typos, misspellings, punctuations errors, etc. to catalog, but they have mostly been corrected. It is possible that I missed some events or forget to apply the changes to the script, so if you come across anything else that needs to be fixed when playing please let me know.
-The script was also modified to give the game consistency. For example, at times Roadpass was capitalized, and other times it wasn't. I modified the script so it should always be capitalized. If any inconsistencies in style are found while playing please let me know so I can correct it.
-All items made from Laconia have had there names modified to be uniform, using the Phantasy Star II naming convention of Laconia [Weapon/Armor]. Some were called Laconium and others Laconian.
-Random encounters in the Landrover have been eliminated.
-Problems with on-screen effects (snow, rain, drunken shaking) have been corrected by modifying changes to the world map. The game will no longer rain forever, snow forever, shake forever or a combination of of multiple unending effects when something slips through the programming cracks.
-The guard in the Control Tower in Camineet used to have dialog about locating the guard captain, which was related to to finding Dune in Loar. The confusing dialog was removed.
-The background for random battles inside Noah was changed to a background that looks like the inside of a spaceship, matching the tiles on the map. It previously used the same background that would be seen in random encounters outside Camineet in Phantasy Star I.
-Put my name on the title screen while leaving JFQ's credit as I told him I would.
-Lastly and most mercifully, awful noise the game would make after the Army EYE tells Jams to go to the Artificial Continent until the end of the game has been fixed. The thunder sound effect does not infinitely loop an infinite number of times anymore.

This has not been fully tested on all 3 paths. As always if you find something else that can be made better, speak up so it can be upgraded.

A lot of the music that did not come from Phantasy Star games seems to have come from the RTP from what James told me. With his blessing I took some creative license to put something better in there. This is a complete list of those changes.

-When getting drunk on anything from the robot bartender the music changes to “Poison” by Groove Coverage
-Music used during scenes in Abion's Underground Storage and Governor's -Mansion was changed from Anger to “Zero Hour” by Kanno Yoko
-An event in Scion's Fish House with the Bouncer now plays “The Game” by Motorhead instead of NiTrOTeCh
-The boss fight on the first floor of Medusa's Tower now features “Whoever Brings the Night” by Nightwish instead of Battle3
-An event in the Secret Fortress uses “Cry Little Sister” by Blutengel instead of Spirit
-The battle with Plumb plays Marilyn Manson's “Disposable Teens” instead of Boss1
-Flying Dragon in Loar now uses a version of Canon in D instead of Casino
-The Haaken Dead Lounge uses a different version of Canon in D instead of Casino
-Luveno's Lounge was changed from Pirate to “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson
-The music in the underground area behind Luveno's Bar was changed from Treasure to “Bye Bye Beautiful” by Nightwish
-The Fish House was changed from Animal to “Ninjin Loves You Yeah” by Nakajima Megumi
-BGM in Haunted City went from Boss4 to “Isolated” by Chiasm
-Music in Gothic was changed to Spray's “I Am Gothic”

An incredibly HUGE thanks goes to Dreamer of the PSCave forums. Dreamer took care of eliminating random battles in the Landrover and fixed the weather/shaking events (which also fixed the awful noise made after getting instructions from Army EYE late in the game). This saved me the trouble of learning how to do these things from scratch and I can't even make a guess as to how much faster this was released thanks to Dreamer.

Thanks also goes to James Quinn for making the game and endorsing my intended modifications (also at PSCave). We'll see if that sticks after he sees what I did to his game.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, '11, 5:53 am 
Do you have any screenshots you can show us?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, '11, 6:15 am 
I didn't change the graphics and screenshots to show fixes of punctuation or spelling seem more malicious than I would intend them to be. The game has been around for 6 or 7 years so I just assumed people would be familiar with it. You can see a few screenshots as well as a basic rundown on the original version here:

pscave dot com /fangames/fallenplanet/

As far as I know that is the closest thing the game has to an official website.

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