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PostPosted: Sat Jan 7, '12, 9:55 pm 

In the Game Little Big Planet 2, im doing the same levels, same graphics, same battle system of the original game.

Like Palma,
Like Camineet

This is my recent level

My official 8-bit Soundtrack,
and the FM Soundtrack only i have Palma(ULTRA GOOD) and Title

If you have please heart it, like it.


PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, '12, 10:42 am 
Good Work ! How long did it take you to made this ? I don't really know Little Big Planet but that's nice :)

PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, '12, 1:38 am 
myau56 wrote:Good Work ! How long did it take you to made this ? I don't really know Little Big Planet but that's nice :)

Like 4 of 6 months ^_^. in the first moments of the game i didn't know about that, how i can do an 8-bit game, in the first days of Lbp2 an user made a The legend of Zelda level, then another user Donkey Kong original, the final 8-bit of this game is Donkey Kong Country.

The first things that i do, the music, a horrible music, well sounds like a only one Lead Square, and now the Original Soundtrack is made by 3 lead squares sounds.
After the Horrible music, i made the Camineet Town, bad orange and blue houses, bad shop, crunch, and EXIT.

Bad Alis Sprites, and non 3D dungeon.

Watch my Photos in my Profile on

PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, '12, 10:47 am 
Happy return on the board ! 4 or 6 months ? whaou ! It's very interesting to see how you made all of this : thanks for the explanation.
About the 3D dungeons...I suppose it's too hard or impossible to make ?
Thankd too for the link and maybe I'll ask a silly question but : how to see the photos ... ? Shame on me !!

PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, '12, 1:17 am 
I think that the 3D dungeons will not be posible.

In Lbp 2, All it takes too much memory game.

The title Screen, Alis + Title Screen make bugs, so the game cannot support that, and this bug is taking like el 30 or 50% of the entire level. The maxium memory of a LBP level is 4 Mb or 18MB.

The Neon material is good to make 8-Bit game, but is preferably use hologram or Sticker Panel.

If the title Screen uses 50 % of the level, we can reduce him, only taking a photo, but the Photo has a bad quality Image

About 3D dungeons, the sprites are hard to do, because i have to again and again 1 per 1 sprite.

Well i think that i can do it, but not in first person. I think that, the dungeons mode will be the same mode like the others phantasy star 3rd person?.

The battle demo will be out, Lassic Battle, and Scubbus, But i need mmm Attack Sprites, or diferent weapons sprites. Like Normal Sword, Laco Sword axe, Neddle Gun, Laser, Fang.\

You know where i can find it'? I try in Gazetaofalgol but i dont have found it.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, '12, 10:25 am 
Thanks so much for the photo, even if it's in bad quality (I don't agree with your comment : the quality isn't as bad !). Ah memory problems..ouch..3rd person view isn't that bad ! Would have been cool to see what the first one could rendered in third person view in the dungeons (and to see the three others in 3D would have been so great too !).
Ah so I have the answer to the question I asked you in the other topic about sprite sheet ! I'll try to help you.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, '12, 10:59 am 
Try this but I'm not sure you'll find exactly what you want to find : I'll continue to search. ... index.html

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