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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, '15, 10:56 pm 
That was actually one of my complaints about PS2 vs. PS1- by the point you get space travel, you only ever really have any need to use it once.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, '15, 6:28 pm 
We know the real world reason: limited storage space means limited everything.

But I liked how space travel was forbidden by Mother Brain (I have not played PS Adventure, but in that game, isn't it common to travel to different planets even during the time of PS II?). Having a place to stay in Dezolis could make it so you really only need to use the ship once, instead of having to go back to Motavia whenever you needed to visit the house. Traveling back and forth made MB look bad in enforcing her own rules. :down:

PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, '15, 11:26 pm 
Quote:We know the real world reason: limited storage space means limited everything.

That is why I would love a genuine remake of Phantasy Star 1 and 2.
I do not mean it as an insult to people's fond memories but I feel that both games can really be greatly expanded without loosing what people liked about it.

Quote: (I have not played PS Adventure, but in that game, isn't it common to travel to different planets even during the time of PS II?)

At the time of PS Adventure interplanetary travel between Palma, Motavia, and Dezoris was still common, six years later after the accident in space it was stopped by Mother Brain. (BTW, one collision in space puts an end to interplanetary travel? In the thousand of years since it was first developed there must have been more accidents in space, it seems ridiculous to outlaw it after just one accident)

Personally I think the designers should have considered the idea of having Tyler offer the player + party travel onboard his ship.
It would have given the character more purpose.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 17, '15, 1:32 am 
Anna: Wait, we had a chance to fly with Tyler? The Tyler? Space Pirate Tyler?
Rolf: Yeah. Emphasis on "had."
Anna: As in, "He was gonna shepherd us all across Motavia and Dezolis and provide us a whole bunch of exotech he got doing his space pirate thing, maybe send along some of his crew to help kill Mother Brain and Dark Force?"
Rolf: Yup.
Rudo: How the hell did we botch such a good thing!?
Rolf: ........

Shir: (in flashback, stealing a whole bunch of alien guns from Tyler's ship) I found some polaron guns. XD
Rolf: You don't even know what a polaron is. Put that back.
Kain: (dismantling a backpack-deployable suit of powered armor) Ah thinks I can take this thingie apart 'n reverse-engineer it. XD
Rolf: No, you can't. Kain, you haven't even seen one of those before.
Amy, of all people: (holding a bunch of miniature first-aid kits in her arms) Rolf, this is incredible! These mini-aid kits have surgical capabilities beyond our own medical knowledge! We have to study these! (starry eyed)
Rolf: Amy, we can't steal from Tyler. Come on, guys, put all that back before--
Tyler: >=( (points at the airlock)
Hugh: .....oh, crap.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 17, '15, 6:21 pm 
Ah, so it was 16 years before the game. I had read it was at the same time (that is why I used that wording), which would have been very contradicting.

And it is not ridiculous that people simply accepted the ban on space flights.

We don't know how many years (generations) of perfect everything they had experienced under Mother Brain. No errors at all in anything it controlled. In the real world, I take for granted a lot of things my parents did not have when they were kids. And kids today take for granted things I didn't. Now, MB's reasons were its own, but it must have presented them in a way many people accepted it (not everyone, or there would not have been pirates or anti-MB people).

See how things changed in the US after 9/11. A tragedy, yes, but tragedies exactly like that happen all the time in other countries, and should not be any less important or sad. Still, people never paid them any attention (many still don't, as long as they are in someone else's country).

But there is a "before" and an "after" in the US citizens' minds when it comes to that day. They (general they) felt "safe" before that day. Afterwards, they felt vulnerable. Freedom-limiting and privacy-violating measures could then be implemented in the name of security. Let it be said I am not anti security measures, and I am not against letting certain others have my private information, for security or even comfort, but not all people would have gladly accepted those if they had not been taught "fear" before.

So, MB could have painted such a scenario that made people give up space flight just to feel safer.

Edit: Changed "into" for "against".

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 20, '15, 6:16 pm 
I totally agree Ice; I am just waiting for flights to be banned except for US militry/NATO personnell, and for passport priveleges revoked. Which is why keep my passport nearby at all times. Most Americans dont even have one. Most Europeans do. Seeing as half of Europe was under it's own form of a Mother Brain not too long ago. Its a realistic and possible reality. With Airline restrictions understandably tightened after a major catastrophe, "scoundrels" bombing towns and kidnappings, its all just too similar.

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