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PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, '15, 8:12 pm 
Parma Ham wrote:I agree. An info / help screen is a great idea, because it ensures you won't be completely lost if you don't have any documentation or access to FAQs. And some of us can be a bit forgetful. :oops: ;)

I'm beginning to wonder if that wasn't just a soft form of copy protection.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, '15, 8:56 pm 
Aeroprism wrote:For my own home-made PS tabletop system, I wrote a whole lot of stuff about Casts. This is perhaps why I like them so much, I tend to lose the fine line between "true" PS content and the huge world I have adapted from it.

It wasn't meant personally, everyone has different interests.
To me the design of androids/cyborgs of Classic Phantasy Star moves more towards the merge of cybernetics and organic tissue while CASTs are in general (with a few exceptions) are more robotic style androids (almost transformer like in PSZero) that are fully synthetic.

Quote:The lack of tech power restoratives in PS2 was a big pain. (It didn't bother me as much in PS1, but it was a little annoying there, too.) If they didn't want to give you items that restore tech power, they could've given you techniques that leech power from enemies or something. Not having any way to restore tech power in the field made me hesitant to use techs all the way through PS2.

I have the same with PSIV, when I know a boss is coming up I become very hesitant to use techniques or skills in the field, as I know that any health, attack, or booster I use is one I have to do without when facing the big bad at the end. (I do agree that it can make fights more strategic but that could also be accomplished with a technique restore item as the player still has a limit on how many items can be carried)
Unfortunate you just have to as some regular enemies can eat quite some health if you don't at least raise defences.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, '15, 12:39 am 
Grrr, one more thing I realized today the designers of Gen 1 and 2 should have taken from PSIV that would honestly not broken the game; giving vehicles their own weapons!

Only now I realize what a relief those were in PSIV as it meant that you did not waste all your Technique points on every damn random critter that decides to cross your path and can't be dealt with with a simple blow to the head. (I am talking about you mammoths! Or those damn Dezolisians who keep interrupting progress)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, '15, 4:25 am 
Rolf: Wait, these things on the front of the jet scooter... these are guns!?
Chaz: Yeah. Didn't you know?
Alisa: Odin said those things on our land rover were go-fast tubes! (to Odin) You lied to me. >_<
Odin: No I didn't! You stopped paying attention to me as soon as we got in.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, '15, 8:57 am 
* shudder * are you telling me there are even more random encounters in PS2 Snorb?
(I have not started on that game yet, just finished PSIV and still am on Dezolis in PSGen1)

More and more PSIV seems to be the 'definite' version regarding gameplay of the classic franchise. (though I still think it could use an info screen on Techniques like PSGen1 has, and an item that restores Technique points)

PostPosted: Wed Feb 4, '15, 12:23 am 
Zio_Falz wrote:Well to be fair, I think even 1988 Nei and her one-piece nighty or teddy or whatever it's called, would have won Rolf the creepy stepbrother award long before PS Generations 2.
Parma Ham wrote:Yep, that's all true. Pretty obvious Nei and Rika were both designed by a dude. :roll:

There's actually an interview somewhere where Nei's designer looks back onto her design and says he has no idea what he was thinking at the time, I wonder how he would design now.

But on the topic of PSII being remade, one thing that always seemed got to me was how the party members you weren't using just stayed in Rolf's house twiddling their thumbs, never gaining anything new unless you swapped them out with other members (IF you even swapped out much to begin with).

Having a mix between Pokemon's Daycare (leveling up) and Xenoblade's Affinity system (learning/using skills of other members they're close to) would be a nice way to fix that I think. While Rolf is off with his current party, the ones left behind at his place are still able to level(maybe at half the xp you get while you're out) so you won't have to spend too much time trying to bring them up to speed if you want to swap out. They are also able to bond with one another at this time, which would result mainly in them teaching each other how to use techs/weapons but also in nice additional character interaction on the side.

For example, leaving Kain and Hugh at Rolf's house for a while would level them up slowly but also result in interactions between the 2 and Hugh learning some of Kain's techniques and vice versa due to them bonding in the time they spent together :) (which also makes Kain more useful before robots attack and Hugh after, another thing that always got me).

I mean this wasn't obviously a thing in PSIV but when it did come time to swapping characters at least you didn't have to go regrind them or anything.....

PostPosted: Wed Feb 4, '15, 8:26 am 
Oda wrote:There's actually an interview somewhere where Nei's designer looks back onto her design and says he has no idea what he was thinking at the time, I wonder how he would design now.

I'm sure I know exactly what that creator or designer was thinking when he created Nei.
The sam thing the majority of young boys or men gamers think. Hah.
That's why Rika wasnt any more clothed than with a cape over her evening wear. Modest.

I like the idea of the characters gaining each others skills while not in the party, instead of just waiting around Rolf's house like a brothel.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 5, '15, 5:31 am 
At least pants were considered for Rika, even though it was scrapped in the end due to limitations or something......

But yeah at least they would finally put all that dead energy to work.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, '15, 11:17 pm 
Oda wrote:At least pants were considered for Rika, even though it was scrapped in the end due to limitations or something......

Yeah, they had considered a snowsuit outfit for Rika for when the lot of you tromp around on Dezolis, but had to be abandoned because it meant they'd have to redo all of Rika's sprites.


PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, '15, 12:37 pm 
I would love to see how the artists would have drawn Nei and Rika if they were given the chance to revise her design.
I do hope it would be the same 80s/90s Manga sci fi style as to be honest I don't like the styles handled in PSO and PSU very much.

Also been thinking a lot on how I would revise some of the quests in Phantasy Star 2 and how to introduce the party members in a more natural way rather than them just knocking on the door of Rolf's house.

I also rather like the idea of allowing party members that are currently not active to train each other and be able to learn certain techniques other posses.

A change I would have like to introduce to PS2 is that the player would also have a residence or house on Dezoris once the player is able to travel there, not having to go back and fort between the two planets if the player wants to change party members.

Truth is, I think the planets could have been greatly expanded after reading some of the ideas of the earlier planned and dropped PS2 storyline such as the Motavian native rebellion and so on.
That script had its flaws and I do approve having replaced Lutz with Rolf/Eusis, but I do think a lot of elements could also have been included to make a very memorable storyline.

Right now Dezolis feels sort of 'tacked on' rather than a fully developed location of its own.
Players go there to talk to Lutz and collect the Nei weapons and that is basically it.

Then again, I am kind of spoiled by PS4.

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