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PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, '14, 12:53 am 
Now I was a huge fan Phantasy Star online except for Phantasy Star online episode 3: Pokémon card edition. and get this, I have played the game several several times, each episode. And I never played the game online at all by playing it for every system. Unless you count bloopers, but even that I played in off-line mode. and I found Phantasy Star online immensely enjoyable in off-line mode.

now and the other hand while I did play in the fantasy Star universe, off-line of course, I only played it once. I did not find it to be that much of an enjoyable game and even more so what is quite important to me, his music, which sucked so much. at least PSO had great music.

So because of Universe's bad taste left in my mouth, I have had an aversion to Phantasy Star 0 for the most longest period of time, despite owning it since 2009. other factors came into play, such as medical school and life in general, but still PSU definitely played a part in that.

so this past weekend, I recently decided to give Phantasy Star Zero a chance, and I find it quite enjoyable. I am playing it off-line only, of course, but I am impressed. Perhaps it was because I had such low expectations to begin with, but impressed nonetheless. The music does not stick out in my head in the way that one would hope music they hear and enjoy stays there, but it does not mean I dislike music either. it just has not grabbed me the way that Phantasy Star 3421 or Online's grabbed me from day one. but will give it time. but the gameplay however it is very close to what Phantasy Star online is like. there are some things that have changed, but nothing that I can complain about too much yet.

normally I spoil things for myself, including reading the last chapter of novels I am reading first, and then reading the novel. that is how I decide whether or not it would be a good book to read anyway. and I do the same with films I watch, I lost my going to decide whether I want to waste two or three hours in front of a television? spoilers can be a positive thing, sometimes, in fact often: after all, people still read the Bible or watch the passion of the Christ, even though they knew the ending and spoilers.

however with Phantasy Star 0, I actually have not done anything whatsoever to spoil it. I hope you guys understand, (and gals) how holy I revere Phantasy Star, so that is what I do not want to spoil it.

Did anyone else here enjoying playing PS zero?

Also, one last thing, what made this immensely more enjoyable to play, is that instead of playing it on the Nintendo DS which has a keypad, playing it on the Nintendo 3DS XL, which has an analog stick, makes the game that much more fun to control and more similar to Phantasy Star Online.

and then my one other question, you can really just say yes or no, is Phantasy Star Online 2, any good, better, or worse, than the original Phantasy Star Online?

thank you, fine people. have a wonderful Wednesday evening or Thursday morning wherever you may be.

PostScript: while I do enjoy it, I still enjoy the classic Phantasy Star games a bit more. perhaps by default, or perhaps by bias. but PS 0 still is enjoyable.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, '14, 1:48 am 
and no offense to PSU fans. I only played it for the Xbox 360. perhaps the PSP sequels are better? I would not know. but PSU for the Xbox 360 was playable, the not entirely enjoyable for me in comparison to the other games of the series.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, '14, 3:54 am 
I really enjoyed Phantasy Star Zero, too. I actually have not had the privilege of playing Phantasy Star Online, so I can't compare, but Zero was really fun, had good mechanics, and kept me engrossed to the end and beyond. I had the chance to play it online back in the day, too, and the online was quite nice.

I do agree that the music is not memorable at all. Some of the tracks are pretty good, but I can't remember a single one of them.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, '14, 8:27 am 
yes this game is actually good.
i havent been this enamoured with a gabdheld since that newer zelda.

i'm just a bit late for PS Zero.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, '14, 11:29 am 
Yes, this game is great ! I've only played a few hours but that was great hours :)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, '14, 1:10 pm 

I am just about through the game actually, however I am now inthe "eternal tower" and now await what wonders can happen after this arduous never-ending level.
And it is actually one of the few games that I am looking forward to playing with the option of a "hard mode"

earlier this year I played new Zelda for the 3 DS, a Link between Worlds, and then I put it down for about six months after defeating the game, but now I just recently completed the game up on "hard mode" or whatever that came titles such a mode which is extra difficult.

That is the extent of my gaming these days: the brief, instant gratifying but very few handheld 3 DS games. I do not own a PSP or later the vita, but at least for my 3GS, I can legally play backup copies of games using a card that enables such a function and then the use of emulators for that operating system on the 3 DS.

Although a copy I did just recently purses JoJo's Bizarre Venture for the PS3: All-Star battle, and I also purchased spell that Kagero Deception IV (which is actually the fifth in the series), but I bought that second game about nine months ago and still have not even opened. I have a serious backlog with actual console gaming. 3 DS or bust. I especially like the system because it has an analog stick, since I absolutely deplore the D – on games.

But back on Phantasy Star 0 (Zero), I strongly recommend it, and I give great nods to the storyline, whereas I feel the storyline has much more allusions to the original classic series than PSO or PSU did.

Spoilers below regarding allusion that I found:
(and i do mean story, not enemies, techs, photon, etc. The enemies are clearly borrowed from or alluded to PSO. But the story I like a lot. it had just enough dialogue for the minimalist such as myself. Like I said the music, not bad, just not memorable. The other PSO allusion was that in the game there is a single line of text that mentions that quote… Earth is to be known as Coral.” Which if I memory serves me correctly, is the home planet that PSO escape from. In this game handled the dark fallz thing quite well as say exactly how it could manipulate machinery, especially THE MACHINE, or rather program)

I will play this more than once. I only played PSU once.
I have not played the PSU sequels for the PSP, so I have no idea if they are good or not good.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, '16, 10:18 am 
I recently came across a copy after years of searching... It was a japanese import. Nooooooo... I will keep looking, this game seems to elude me at every chance.

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