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 Post subject: Pets in the White House
PostPosted: Tue Dec 1, '20, 9:41 pm 
President-elect Joe Biden and family may be bringing their pets with them when they move into the White House. The Biden family have two dogs so far, and are thinking of getting a cat also.

Biden recently had an accident playing with one of their dogs which left him with a foot/ankle injury but he should be recovered in a few weeks.

Pets have long been a part of some of the White House Families. The Bush's had dogs and The Clinton's had Socks the Cat. ... presidents

PostPosted: Tue Mar 9, '21, 7:14 pm 
Well, that did not last very long. It looks like Biden's dogs have already been sent away from the White House and back to their original home as it seems they may have become too aggressive in the White House. ... li=BBnb7Kz

PostPosted: Fri Mar 19, '21, 7:55 pm 
Guess who (which animal) is soon coming back to the White House!! Looks like he may have had a bit of training while he was gone. Hope this second trip goes better than the first. ... hite-house

PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, '21, 2:27 pm 
All those stories about animals are great ! :)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 1, '21, 5:42 am 
More problems (or so it seems) with President Biden's dogs in the White House.

Now it seems that one of them may have used the bathroom on the floor in one of the rooms. Not very unusual for a dog at various times, however, this is the " White House "!!!!!

Also, it seems that the dog named Major has already bitten someone else at the White House. This is the second time he has been caught biting. ... ouse-floor

PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, '21, 12:13 am 
Condolences to US President Biden and his family on the death of their beloved pet and dog named Champ. Champ was a German Shepherd and one of the two dogs the Biden's allowed to come to the White House when they moved in. Champ was an older dog and had been with the Biden's for many years. May Champ rest in peace.

:tombstone: :rose: ... -dog-champ

PostPosted: Sat Jul 3, '21, 12:10 pm 
Condolences to the dear Champ...:( :tombstone:

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