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PostPosted: Wed Oct 29, '14, 3:04 am 
Today at an event Marvel announced a bunch of new movies they are planning to make in the upcoming years, including Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, and more: ... 201341076/

Super hero movies are the wave of the future it seems. :)

PostPosted: Wed Oct 29, '14, 6:14 am 
I am very excited for the Captain Marvel movie!

Whether it is Mar-Vell or Carol Danvers (or Monica Rambeau, or Phylla-Vell, or Genis-Vell, or Noh-Varr), I will like it.

Although I think the focus on Thanos will make Mar-Vell's appearance so much more special. Even if he dies, then Carol could honor his legacy (as either Ms. Marvel or Captain Marvel; I am torn here, since I love her as both).

All of them are good news, only eclipsed by my love of the Captain Marvel legacy. I cannot wait to see Black Panther. I loved his anicomic series (as did my boyfriend, he still sings the theme song every once in a while), and I would love to see Ulysses Kang (whom I love since I was a kid and met (a crazy version of) him in the Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars.

I am intrigued about what story they will tell in Captain America: Civil War. It definitely cannot be the one from the comics. Even if they tried to adapted it "faithfully", it would end up being very different. It will obviously feature Cap prominently. I am thinking something HYDRA causes. Perhaps they make people distrust super heroes? They could infiltrate SHIELD and cause trouble to heroes from within. Some sort of Skrull "Secret Invasion" but with human spies, where you cannot trust anyone. :yes:

Man, I go back to thinking about Captain Marvel. I am so happy.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 29, '14, 10:09 pm 
I read more about it and it seems Carol Danvers will be the titular Captain Marvel. I have been her fan for years (whenever I play through Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, I find it difficult to try different heroes, since I always end up playing as her).

This will be very good (and I expect Mar-Vell to appear in some manner).

PostPosted: Thu Oct 30, '14, 2:53 am 
Very stoked about this, Black Panther has been screaming for a blockbuster movie since forever, Dr. Strange will be fun, and...they're finally gonna do a superhero movie starring a female hero!

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