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 Post subject: Pet Sniffers
PostPosted: Tue Mar 3, '09, 5:53 am 
I never thought much about this until the other day. I guess by now everyone has heard of police dogs that sniff out drugs, bombs, etc., and other items in the line of duty.

However, I didn't know until the other day that there are also dogs who sniff out other things. I saw a story of a little girl who is allergic to peanuts and peanut products who has a pet dog that goes everywhere with her and sniffs out items like that and keeps her away from them. This could be a life and death issue with her, so basically this dog is saving her life every day.

Now, that's a hero!

Anyone know of any other items that dogs, or other pets, may " sniff " to help someone in various ways?

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 3, '09, 8:58 pm 
I vaguely remember seeing this sort of thing covered on TV a long time ago. I believe they said that dogs can be trained to sniff out just about anything. It takes a lot of training to get them to focus on one specific thing, though.

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