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PostPosted: Tue Jan 3, '12, 10:06 pm 
Whew, after reading this article I may never drink another Pepsi or Mountain Dew again: ... 11576.html

Have to admit though, that is one heck of a defensive tactic!! :p

PostPosted: Wed Jan 4, '12, 9:14 am 
That is an interesting defense to say the least. It makes me wonder two things. First would be just how long passed between bottling and opening of the drink. If the drink wasn't sold for a few months after bottling, then I'd be more inclined to consider the defense valid than if it was just a couple of days. Second would be the strength of the acids used in the soda. The result they're claiming strikes me as needing some really strong acids.

Of course, on the other hand, imagine if the remains had been dissolved. Someone might have drank it without ever knowing a creature had been in the can. That's pretty gross to think about.

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