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 Post subject: PBS - Superheroes
PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, '15, 1:02 am 
Was flipping the tv channel last night hunting something to watch before I fell asleep when I came upon a program on our local Public Broadcasting System (PBS) network that looked very interesting. It was about superheroes and I saw bits on Batman, Superman, Thor, etc., not only as they appeared in films but also comics, etc. Only caught a few moments of the program before it went off so I don't know very much about it except it looked very interesting, especially if you are a superhero fan.

Then after that went off another program came on about Female Superheroes which was also very interesting. It was mostly about Wonder Woman, including the TV show and the comic books, but it also told a little about Batgirl, and Jamie Sommers, "The Bionic Woman" tv show, and mentioned a few other female roles such as "Charlie's Angels", Ripley in "Aliens" movie, etc.

They really didn't go that far into exactly how many female superheroes there are/may be. I could have named a few more myself such as Hawkgirl, Black Canary, that female submariner gal (can't think of her name right now), etc. It was more about Wonder Woman than anyone else. Good to see actress Linda Carter who played the tv Wonder Woman.

Anyway thought I would give everyone a tip as you may want to check your local listings on your PBS channel to see if these programs may be airing in your area soon. Here are a few links I found: ... /film.html

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