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 Post subject: Pauly Shore
PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, '10, 5:33 pm 
I really think that Pauly Shore is one of the most underrated comedians of all time. Sure, he's no George Carlin, and yeah, I wasn't too crazy about him in the beginning either. But last year, I saw a Showtime (or was it HBO?) special he did called Natural Born Komics. I thought it was really funny and had alot of great moments (including the hilarious Flavor of Love parody). It featured things like bits from a stand up show of his and parodies of reality shows and some other things. It also featured a Scarface parody which featured an actor from the original film playing the same character he played in the original too. I also recently acquired two of his comedy CDs on eBay which I haven't gotten in the mail yet, but heard they were very funny. As for his films, I've only seen two of them:Encino Man and Bio-Dome. I'm also eager to check out some of his other movies like Jury Duty and In The Army Now. Has anybody seen his latest film called Adopted? I'm curious about that one too.

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