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PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, '17, 12:50 am 
Finally got the patch working. The wait for this has been the longest time. Anyways...

I haven't beaten the first boss yet. Gryz starts with 41 HP, 7 TP, a leather helmet, a ceramic axe, and a leather cloth.
In the vanila game, ceramic is stronger than titanium, but the ceramic axe is weaker than the titanium helmet. This is because the ceramic is a new item in this hack. I think a "Wooden Axe" would've been better, but I'm not the person in charge of naming items in games, so let's leave that for now...

Gryz starts off with no techniques. He learns Brose at level 3, but doesn't get enough TP to use it until level 4. I actually could use crash on the Igglanova, but that won't be very challenging, so I'll stick to physical attacks. I'll also attack the Xanafalgues for a bit too. Just to garner XP.

This is gonna be really fun. I can't wait to try out more of it.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, '17, 12:16 pm 
Seems to be a very hard challenge you are facing, Scootaloo ! Happy for you to be...happy to do it ! As for me, too challenging ! In fact I really don't like when it's too hard...:( (Maybe because I'm bad ? :lol: ) ;)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, '17, 5:54 pm 
So far, I've just finished the plate system. Gryz is at level 27.

If I don't mention an enemy attack, it's because the amount of damage it did isn't worth noticing at all (so about 5 damage).

Igglanova 1 was fairly easy. Gryz had to heal a few times, but it wasn't difficult. Gryz was level 6, but with 71 HP, unlike in the regular game. This is corrected in the next level, and his stats become akin to the regular game.

Igglanova 2 was even easier. No heeling was needed.

The Sandworm was also pretty easy. Healing was only needed a few times, and damage to Gryz rarely went beyond 30.

Juza was a little bit more tough. He could do about 40 damage with Wat and Force Flash, and about 15-20 with Zan. I simply healed when needed.

When grinding, I just used the fast forward option almost all the time. Nothing ever interesting really happens when grinding, so the fast forward option is the best solution.

Gryz's defence is fairly high due to his equipment and added defence from axes. At the start of the game, he had to be rather careful, but a few levels up and he's amazing.

He'll likely have to grind a fair amount before taking on Gy-Laguiah, however. Gryz's resistance to fire should reduce the amount of damage firebreath can do, however.

That's all for now, goodbye!

PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, '17, 11:32 pm 
SCOOTALOO : Thank you for the news about your progression in this hack ! :)
I haven't played PSIV for a very long time now but that brings back real fond memories ! :)

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