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PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, '08, 8:13 am 
Tonight I have changed the Participation Guidelines and added a new option to the Preferences tab of the Member Control Panel. Both changes revolve around signatures.

First, let me explain the new preferences option and get that out of the way. The new option is "Hide signatures," which as it suggests, allows you to hide all signatures from view if you don't want to see them. This is turned off by default for all members.

The changes in the Participation Guidelines relax the limits on signatures a little bit. There are three changes.
  • The allowed filesize of images has been increased to a max of 20 KB (formerly it was 10 KB).
  • The allowed length has been changed to the length of fifteen lines of text (formerly 10 lines).
  • The reference for the size of a line of text is now 14 pixels (previously 11 pixels).

Any questions?

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