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PostPosted: Thu Oct 15, '09, 2:58 am 
I was randomly searching across the webb earlier and decided to look up some parasite eve stuff. Just awhile ago I found out that the game is releasing a third game in the series, or more to say a spin off game. The game continues with Aya Brea as the main character, but not much is known about the game so far.. Or at least that I found.

The game was going to be released on the cell phone exclusive, but the company decided to put it on the PSP instead, which I for one am excited. The link below is just one site I found, but its nothing special. So this adds up to one more game on my list to buy. ... 409-p0.php

PostPosted: Thu Oct 15, '09, 9:44 pm 
I never got a chance to play the first two, but I always heard a lot about them when they were new. I'm sure this one will be as big of a hit as those. It's kind of odd that they dropped Parasite Eve from the game's name, though. This is Square Enix, after all. Their biggest franchises, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, are known for subsequent games usually not ebing true sequels.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, '09, 1:43 pm 
I enjoyed the first game immensely. It was something different from all the usual Final Fantasies from Square[/Enix]. I didn't care for the 2nd game as much since they made it more of an action game instead of a shooter/rpg like the first.

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