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 Post subject: ATWT Soap Opera canceled
PostPosted: Wed Dec 9, '09, 7:09 pm 
CBS has canceled "As The World Turns" (ATWT), one of it's Daytime Soap Opera's. ATWT's last episode will be shown next year during it's 54th year. ... ncel_N.htm

Sad news to all soap fans! :cry: :bang:

PostPosted: Wed Dec 9, '09, 9:13 pm 
I've always found soap operas to be among the most boring shows on television. And why they are called "operas" I do not understand. If you want an opera go listen to Wagner!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, '09, 4:53 pm 
Aye, some people do find Soaps boring. :D To each his own, as the old saying goes.

I suppose since ATWT has been on tv for nearly 54 years that a lot of people don't find it boring, though, (or it would have been canceled long before now) and it would be very hard to find a prime time tv show or any other show for that matter that has been on nearly as long, except for another soap opera possibly. . :wink:

Here's a link that may help explain why they are called "soap operas", etc., or atleast some of it:

Also, if Tsunami is reading this, I was reading over an old thread topic on the board about soap operas where Tsunami and I were having a good discussion about the soaps and one of our favorite soap opera actors, Roger Howarth, who is now on this soap, so I'm wondering what all these actors on this soap will do now that they are basically out of a job????? Some will probably get another job on another soap, but some will probably just be unemployed. Another blow to the already bad economy, I guess you could say.

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