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 Post subject: overhyped Video Games
PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, '11, 8:36 pm 
Some games this year, as in years past, got a lot of hype but failed to live up to all that hype: ... 02551.html

Can you think of any other games that perhaps should be on this list?

Were any of this games on the list ones that you have played or that you enjoyed?

 Post subject: Re: overhyped Video Games
PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, '11, 12:51 pm 
I have the feeling that most of the "big" releases, especially those from big franchises, are overhyped nowadays. There is so much anticipation through videos, teasers and reviews that, sometimes, when the game gets released, you've already seen the best of it, so the rest disappoints. Not that the games are not good, but people's appreciation is based on expectations. If your favorite band releases an average album after the one you considered a masterpiece, you will probably feel disgusted, while if the same band release the same album after having released a "sell-out" album that you loathed, you will find it refreshing to see they are trying to get on the right tracks again.

Besides, about the review thing, reviewers are fans like us all and there is a big tendency for a fan disguised as a critic review a game "Super Joe Universe" with an 8, praising the solid gameplay and the good cartoonish graphics and review the same game, with sprites changed and the name "Super Mario Universe" with a 10, as "OMG!!! It is Mario! The best game ever!"

 Post subject: Re: overhyped Video Games
PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, '11, 11:22 pm 
I have to agree, the build up of anticipation through videos and such media can lead to expectations that a game doesn't match. I actually just experienced a bit of this with Batman: Arkham City. I'd heard about some things in advance, but the execution for some of those sections was far below my expectations. Not that it retracts from the game overall in this case, mind you, but those few sections were comparatively unimpressive.

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