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PostPosted: Wed Aug 1, '12, 6:40 am 
the form of a PlayStation Mini, but THE MUSIC EMULATION IS THE SAME AS IT WAS ON THE EARLY VERSIONS OF MAME! Are you serious? And SNK overlooked this port themselves! How could they NOT be able to fix the music emulation? It's not supposed to sound like it does! I should know! When I was 3, my parents used to go to this restaurant a couple of times, and me and my brothers would hang out in the game room until they were done. It had Gang Wars, a bowling game, Tetris, and maybe one or two other games. In the PlayStation Mini version, this is how the music sounds, and it's not supposed to:

Meanwhile, in this video, this is how the music is SUPPOSED to sound!

Ironically, the music sounds like it should on the PlayStation Mini port of Time Soldiers, another pre-Neo Geo ADK game, which based on my limited research is their most well-known pre-Neo release (it's either that or Make Trax/Crush Roller)

PostPosted: Fri Aug 3, '12, 12:46 am 
Hm, maybe no one at SNK knew the sound was off. Or maybe they actually used some kind of MAME based emulator to play the port, something like what Sega did with the old PC Smash Pack using KGen (or was it Genecyst? I can't recall).

It's a noticeable difference when one has the two version side by side, I agree. I just wonder if SNK knew about it and decided it was good enough or someone working on the project didn't know the original well enough to pick up how far off the music sounds.

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