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 Post subject: Oscar Winners 2011
PostPosted: Tue Mar 1, '11, 2:49 am 
The 83rd Academy Awards where they hand out the Oscars to the best movie, actor, actress, etc., were held this past weekend, and here's a list of the nominees and the winners:

Did anyone get to see the Academy Awards on tv? I missed it this year but I did read that actor Kirk Douglas was a great hit on the show, which doesn't sound surprising knowing what a terrifc actor he is.

Congratulations to actor Christian Bale ("Batman") who won the Oscar for best supporting actor in the movie "The Fighter". I haven't seen "The Fighter" yet but hope to see that one soon too. Anyone else here seen it yet??

Also, I was sad that the movie "True Grit" didn't do better at the awards show. I haven't seen this new remake version of the movie, but the classic version starring John Wayne is one of my all time favorites. Has anyone here seen this new version, and if so, which version do you like or old?

Congrats to all the other Oscar winners!!! :proposetoast:

 Post subject: Re: Oscar Winners 2011
PostPosted: Tue Mar 1, '11, 7:07 pm 
I must have been far more out of touch with the movie industry than I realized. I've never heard of "The Fighter" before, which surprises me. Bale is a fairly popular actor now, so his films are usually marketed everywhere.

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