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Do you prefer original versions or remakes of games?
Originals 18%  18%  [ 2 ]
Remakes 18%  18%  [ 2 ]
It depends 64%  64%  [ 7 ]
Total votes : 11
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 Post subject: Re: Originals or remakes?
PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, '13, 1:35 pm 
hugues wrote:I also have mixed experiences with remakes...

For example, I prefer the original TG16 version of Ys I&II over the DS remake. Graphical style, play control, and soundtrack are all superior on the much older system. I won't say it's a "bad" game though, if you've never played Ys it's worth getting.

Actually, the DS version was a very poor port of Ys I & II Complete, which is now available as Chronicles+ on Steam. For starters, Complete actually retained the original control scheme and combat system.

As for other remakes, the Dawn of Souls remakes of Final Fantasy I & II were generally superior in their playability. Super Castlevania IV was an excellent remake of the original, and Double Dragon Advance is pretty much the best iteration of the original one can find. Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green do give some much-appreciated engine improvements over the original Red and Blue, too.

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