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PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, '11, 8:15 pm 
Eye opening story about Orange Juice and what may, or may not, be in it: ... uu1tLLNnnU

I was really surprised to read that some orange juice may be in storage for a year or more. I thought they picked the oranges, made the juice, and brought it (fresh) right to the store, etc.

Wasn't there a commercial even not too long ago where it showed two sides..with one side being people in a grocery store reaching for a box of juice and the other side was a guy handing out the box of juice from an orange the idea of freshly picked, etc., as I understood it....Oh well!!!!!

PostPosted: Tue Dec 20, '11, 5:21 am 
Eh, I'm not very surprised. Given how much orange juice must be sold all across the US - not to mention other countries - each year, I expect there must be some way of preserving juice so it can be sold out of the orange growing season. Ads like that commercial you mentioned are just marketing gimmicks. They aren't concerned about full disclosure there, just selling the product. Any who knows, maybe that particular product doesn't use this flavor pack process? I don't remember what brand the commercial was promoting exactly.

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