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PostPosted: Wed Jan 1, '14, 5:30 am 
This may be a stupid question, and I'm not sure how active people are on this board any more, but I figured this would be a good place to get possible answers.

The tileset has two different sorts of barriers (not including water) - a brown one and a green one. I've always assumed that the brown were mountains and the green were thick forests. Neither would prevent a determined individual from passing in the real world, but they work as barriers for PS3's "lots and lots of walking" play-style.

The area I'm thinking about specifically is the Divisia region. In the game, the only way to pass from the dome's northeast quadrant to the entirety of the rest is to go through the castle and the dungeon. I doubt that the nobility is keen on every merchant and pauper who wants to cross over traipsing through their courtyard, so I imagine there must be some other way through; probably various paths through the forest or a mountain pass.

What are people's thoughts on this?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 1, '14, 10:32 am 
Hello and welcome to this fantastic site ! :clap:
Very interesting question (and not stupid at all !) and it's true that, when you take a look at the map, it's strange : logically, the mountains are in Brown and the forests un green : and here..the green "elements" seems to be mountains ! Green mountains and that is really so strange...
But tha fact that there seems to be only one way (through the castle then the dungeon) is indeed strange but maybe it's the only way ?
In fact, when you take a look at the map, Divisia is the only town on al the Elysium planet...YES you'll answer me that there is Aerone ! But how to land ? Only a winged creature or a winged machine can go there so...mybe the interest of this planet (for most of the people) is only Divisia ?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 1, '14, 2:31 pm 
It would make sense, wouldn't it? Maybe at the time the game took place the forest path that merchants and others use had been blocked by a mountain avalanche, so you had to go through the dungeon. :-p

In seriousness, though, it is interesting to think about. You do raise pretty good points. There are similar instances in PSIV (like Tonoe) where you basically have to pass through a cave to reach the town. Now, it seemed Tonoe was fairly self-sufficient, so maybe they don't need contact with the outer world. Another example could be Kadary - again, you have to pass through a cave, unless one has the means to cross the quicksand. Which makes me wonder on Termi and Monsen…there is no cave. No getting in or out without a way to cross quicksand…and fight sand worms.

I guess these things are necessary for gameplay/story purposes, so real world considerations need not apply. But wondering real world implications is a fun thought experiment.

On our board activity, we're a small community, but we're still pretty active, all things considered. :)

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 1, '14, 4:42 pm 
Maybe a small community but it's quality that counts ! :D And we are still very active :)
WOLF BIRD : the avalanche way would have been a great explanation ! But that would have been a GREAT avalanche !! :rofl:

The examples taken from PSIV are great too : there is a lot of "blocked ways" everywhere in many Phantasy Stars ! Think about LOAR and ABION in the first PS ! Totally cut from the rest of Palma (but we know taht all is the result of Lassic's actions) even if there is indeed the passage Under the sea BUT with all those monsters roaming the lands, I'm not sure that many inhabitants would cross it ! And after there is the lava field..

PostPosted: Wed Jan 1, '14, 5:42 pm 
The story aspect I am considering is in Nial's timeline. I am presupposing the theory that Ryan saved Thea and assisted with the evacuation of Cille and Shusoran. Once the citizenry were in no immediate danger in Aridia, he then led a modest force through the nearby cave passage to Elysium in order to either enlist Lune's help or begin the rebellion. The question is, how did he get to the western part of Elysium? I doubt that he could have taken an armed contingent of Layan soldiers through Divisia. If the green things are trees, it would be safe to say that he led his group through a forest path, avoiding the Orakian stronghold entirely. Right?

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 2, '14, 7:59 am 
When Layans are involved, there are all sorts of possible ways to get around the natural barriers that can be found by looking at examples in the rest of the game. Going through a forest path is certainly possible, but it's also possible that they Layans flew over on biomonsters or dragons.

Generally, it's safe to assume that any limitations the map places on your exploration apply only to your party and no one else in the world in this game.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 2, '14, 10:03 pm 
Thoul wrote:Generally, it's safe to assume that any limitations the map places on your exploration apply only to your party and no one else in the world in this game.

You're right ! That is always the case ! (or very often in many RPG games !).

And about the layans that is true ! With tsome of them who can "transform" or use some sort of teleportation :)

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