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 Post subject: Re: One Weapon or Two?
PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, '10, 6:00 am 
Rolf - 2 Laser Knives until SWORD OF ANG which is powerful
Rudo - 2 Laser knives until Laser Cannon
Josh - 2 laser knives until 2 laconian maces (Kain's knife animation is.. messed up)
Anna - 2 slicers

But in the Dams.. here is how my party went:

Anna - Storm Gear for Gizan
Rudo - Laser Cannon
Rolf - knives until sword of ANG
Josh - Crystgear (to cast Gra) / knives if needed

So it comes down to Gizan, Rudo, Rolf, Gra. Takes out most everything in 2 turns.

Now when I found the GIRES heal gear, everyone got a piece so when healing is needed, everyone uses a GIRES item. Whoever heals up to max attacks the rest heal.

Now on the Nei Dungeons i switch it up.

Anna - Gizan
Rudo - Gun
Rolf - Sword of ang
Kain - Cryst or 2 laco maces

If the monster party is 3 or 4 of the same kind, Anna uses her slicers and KAIN uses stormgear.

When the monster group consists of 2 types of monsters like 2 Firgammas and a wireface, ANNA using Storm gear for Gizan is better.

Until healing items, everyone carried 5 trimates.

I just wish defense helped in the Nei Dungeons x.x Those monsters hit TOO tough.

 Post subject: Re: One Weapon or Two?
PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, '10, 12:08 pm 
I always go all-out attack. For defense I use only the armor. I don't think in any of the games you need huge defenses, even for "weak" characters like Rune or Amy. The healing techniques and itens are enough to keep them alive.

 Post subject: Re: One Weapon or Two?
PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, '10, 7:09 pm 
Not really.. The sword enemies in Ikuto (2 types) do about 85 damage a blow to Rolf at lv 22 with the best armor until then. They always seem to attack Rolf and always attack first in battle. When you see 2 of them, Rolf is dead regardless of healing items. Rudo is about 45-50 damage, Kain is 60, Anna is 65.

Everytime I see a CAPEONE and a sword enemy, I cringe. One of my party members is gonna die x.x

In menobe, the Shadow monsters and those swords do about the same to Rolf.

I would like a little more defense in those dungeons just for the hellish amount of damage you take.

 Post subject: Re: One Weapon or Two?
PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, '10, 8:24 pm 
Weird. I never died in the Dezo dungeons--even without shields/emels--except when hit by the Desrona's instant death attack. Admittedly, the top floor of Menobe is full of monsters that are much too hard for that stage in the game (I always thought it might have been a fluke of some sort), but just make sure you have the storm gear, snow crown and lots of trimate and you're good to go. Tech usage is saved for monsters like dragons, fiends and those fire thingies. If you have Amy in your party you can really cut down the damage by having someone use the snow crown and then Amy cast sashu. It's all pie after that.

Oh, and Kain's gisag and nasag are perfect against multiple enemies like Shadows. I only wish I had known this years ago. I don't find Hugh's vol/savol reliable enough to keep him in the party, but they're also bargain techs when they work.

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 Post subject: Re: One Weapon or Two?
PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, '10, 9:09 pm 
Maybe it's a bug in Phantasy Star 2 on the Sega Genesis Collection for Playstation 2.

Snow Crown's skill doesn't help at all for me. Never helped against machines and didn't stack :\ Maybe my game is bugged but all those Nei dungeon monsters love to hit Rolf.

Yeah, Trimates help alot.

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