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 Post subject: Old school racing games!
PostPosted: Wed May 10, '17, 5:37 am 
There are several racing games on older consoles and that were in arcades that I happen to find extremely fun and thrilling. Heck, two of the biggest games from the so-called "golden age" were racing games. These of course being Pole Position and Pole Position II, which I do think are fun, but not exactly all time favorites of mine. But please note that not every game where you drive a car the whole time is a racing game, such as Chase H.Q. for example. But with that out of the way, these are some older racing games I still go back to quite a bit:

Super Hang-On
Victory Run
Rad Racer
Final Lap Twin
Hard Drivin'
Race Drivin'
Super Off Road
Lotus II:R.E.C.S.
Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II (more specifically the Game Gear/SMS edition)
Daytona USA
Sega Rally Championship
Virtua Racing

Whew, okay, I think that's enough.

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PostPosted: Thu May 11, '17, 12:09 pm 
One of the games I played most in my life was Stunts. The ability of building tracks was something amazing for its time, and the game never got old since you could keep building new challenges.

Another old racing game that I played a lot was Microprose Grand Prix 2. Besides being a superb Formula One simulator for its time, it allowed you to play with all the 26 cars in a race, taking turns, so my brother and I would customize all the players and teams and play taking turns at random while acting like sports commentators. So, it looked more like a cooperative game where the race results didn't matter, but the fun while playing.

PostPosted: Thu May 11, '17, 1:17 pm 
Ah ! Me I remember with emotion World Grand Prix on my beloved Master System ! :)
In fact the game was basic but that was my first racing game and that was great ! :)

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