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 Post subject: oh zio... the holy one...
PostPosted: Tue Jul 3, '12, 2:13 am 
i wonder, how does zio get his own religeon. and i know your gonna say DF but... they just drop it when zio dies.

so answer this: how do so many become devotees? yet are unloyal when zio dies.

its intrigued me.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 3, '12, 5:41 am 
I figured that Zio went around Motavia performing cheap magic tricks and convincing people they were miracles, and on a slowly decaying planet after the Great Collapse, the common populace would quickly look for a savior.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 3, '12, 6:45 am 
At least some of it was mind control, I think. Maybe drugs, too. There's that one quest where you have to go looking for a person that was taken in by the religion. She was so out of it that she didn't remember anything, if my memory serves.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 3, '12, 9:12 pm 
your memory serves you well Thoul, indeed there is a hunt where you go to retrieve the girl from kadary.

but if you ask me, zios "Subordinates" are dark forces monsters that have taken human form except one who stayed behind to pay off his debt.

so if he did do cheap tricks, which i agree with whole-heartedly

PostPosted: Mon Jul 9, '12, 10:15 pm 
IMHO, like Wing Eye have said, after the great Collapse and the fall of the Wreckage Northwest of nalya, easy enough to follow someone who have surely made a lot of promises and then...a lot of followers :)

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