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PostPosted: Mon Jan 2, '12, 1:48 am 
I've been wanting to start a topic like this for a while now, where we can discuss what I feel is one of the most under-rated game series of all time, the Ys series. There are seven games in the main series that had many remakes and several spin-offs.

For those that don't know the series I'll give a little explaination: The games follow an adventurer named Adol Christin who travels the land looking for his next adventure and always gets mixed up in wars, political scandals, and end-of-the-world situations.

For the first topic of discussion I'll ask: What was the first Ys game you played?
For me, it was Ys III: Wanderers From Ys for the Genesis. When I was little my dad found it at a pawn shop for really cheap, since he had played the first game on Master system, he knew it would be a good game.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 2, '12, 5:14 am 
Interesting topic, well the first Ys game I played was The Vanished Omens on the Master System. I never completed it however, that was back in 2005.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 2, '12, 7:04 am 
The first one I played was Wanderers From Ys, also. I'm not sure now if it was the SNES or Genesis version. Probably the SNES version, but I don't know. It was a fun title, though at the time I couldn't help but think the gameplay reminded me a lot of a rather improved Zelda II.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 2, '12, 10:23 am 
First I'd like to add that the poor Falcom has two of the most underrated series ever: Ys and Dragon Slayer/Legend of the Heroes. Those who had never played the Legend of the Heroes series should check them out, they are excellent RPGs.

From Ys, I've started with the first game, Ancient Ys Vanished, back in 91, it was one of the earliest games I've played in my SMS, and certainly the first RPG. I quite liked it at the time, though I didn't progress too much (it was rented), but it was a good introduction to the genre. Just a bit later, I'd play Phantasy Star and become a phan. Later I had the opportunity to buy Ys and finally finish it.

Later, I've played a bit of Ys III: Wanderers from Ys on emulator, but I didn't progress, as every game played on emulators. Recently, I've got a PSP and all the Ys games released for it. I've tasted a bit of Oath in Felghana, Ark of Napishtim and Ys 7, but only finished the lush remake of Ys I and Ys II. The rest are waiting an opportunity, for currently I'm playing the Legend of the Heroes games on PSP, and they are quite long.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 2, '12, 10:49 am 
Ah at last a thread on YS ! Great Idea ! I say that but I could have started this discussion before but it's a great idea :) Thanks Wing Eye !

My first Ys was the vanished omens (or Ys ancient vanished : many names !!) on the Sega Master System ! Like I said before in my introduction to this site, Me and my two brothers can't remember which one was the first we played between Ys and Phantasy Star ! Personnaly, I think it's Ys who was the first but I'm not totally sure...
BUT to me Ys is an action RPG or action adventure game so..Phantasy Star was the first I'm sure now lol ^^

PostPosted: Wed Jan 4, '12, 1:11 am 
Oh yes, how could I forget about Legend Of Heroes, I beat the first one on PSP and loved it, it was my first PSP game (Tear Of Vermilion, I think it was called...) and I got halfway through the second before I got distracted by other titles.
But back on Ys, anyone with a PSP has a great chance to check out the series because every single Ys game in the main series that has had an official English translation is available for that system. We're still missing games 4 and 5, but I heard the PS Vita is getting a Ys 4 remake, hopefully it gets translated.
I wish I was old enough to play the first Ys on the Master System when my family had it, but they sold it before I got the chance to play it and I only heard my dad and older brother talk about it :(
But now I have 4 different copies of the first game :D
Master System
and Mobile Phone
The Mobile Phone version was the first one I played of that game, I still have it on my old phone (got it about 5 years ago, I don't think its available for download anymore, at least not on Verizon phones)
The PSP version is by far the best, and if anyone is looking into starting the series, I would recommend that one.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 4, '12, 8:58 am 
Never done one legend of Heroes but I know the game by the name...
I'll follow on Ys later as I must go to work ! Viva YS !! ;)

PostPosted: Wed Jan 4, '12, 10:33 am 
Hijacking topic:

If you are willing to try Legend of the Heroes, I recommend Trails in the Sky, which is the "newest" game of the series that got a localization.

The other three games, from the Gagharv trilogy (Legend of the Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion, Legend of the Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch, and Legend of the Heroes III: Song of the Ocean) are superb too, but you must keep in mind that they are pretty old (Prophecy is originally from 94, Vermillion from 96, and Ocean from 99), so the games have no earthshaking resources compared to the newer RPGs. Besides, Namco Bandai, which localized the three games, made a poor job, with a "google translator" localization, filled with mistakes. Besides, they screwed the order, because Moonlight Witch is LotH III originally, A Tear of Vermillion is LotH IV and Song of the Ocean is LotH V.

Trails in the Sky is the first chapter of another trilogy, and it was localized by XSeed, the same company who did a superb job with Ys games and Lunar. They are currently localizing the Second Chapter, but not only it is too long (3.6 million Japanese characters - for comparison, FFXII has only .6 million), but originally came in two UMDs, making a digital download version difficult. Anyway, I keep my fingers crossed that they will be able to finish it.

:returning the topic to Ys

The Ys 4 remake is the best reason for me to consider buying a PS Vita right now. And, luckily, it is absolutely in XSeed plans to localize. Let's see how it develops.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 4, '12, 9:51 pm 
WING EYE : I have a PSP but doesn't play much on it...
About Y's I only played the first one .. and a good part of The Ark of Naphistim on the PSP :)
Oh your family sold it ? :( remember me and my brothers who sold our Landstalker complete cartridge...sniff...But The Ys cartridge on the SMS is always mine ! Like Phantasy Star on Master System !!
Never played YS on your 3 others platforms...
The PSP version : is it in english ?

Ah just revieved yesterday the YS hint book on Mark 3 (so In japanese as you have already guessed ;) ) !! I'm so happy !!!

PostPosted: Fri Jan 6, '12, 2:17 am 
Yeah I would be more sad about my family selling it long ago, but I was able to find a copy at a yard sale a few years ago :D
To answer your question myau, yes, the PSP version is in English, its called Ys I&II Chronicles and comes with the most complete versions of Ys I and II (which should always be played together as they are two parts of one whole story)
I read somewhere that the first Ys game is one of the most ported games of all time, I researched it a little once and I think I counted 11 different consoles that the game has been on! (that would probably make it a world record if it wasn't for Tetris, which I don't think should count because the 50-some ports it has haven't all been the same game.)

@tilinelson2: Have you tried Gurumin yet? Its another Falcom gem on the PSP and I thought it was a fantastic action RPG.

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