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PostPosted: Sun Jan 8, '12, 12:24 am 
Wing Eye wrote:
myau56 wrote:And now I want to continue teh third one : I just started it on both MD and SNES systems : which is the best version ?

The Mega Drive version by far! The SNES version felt to me like it wasn't balanced, it requires a lot more level grinding and even then you'll find yourself getting cheap-shotted quite often by the monsters. The MD version is more playable and you can get through it without having to save every 3 minutes.

Leveling grind is irrelevant, you need to hit max level way before the end of the game anyway in either version. Also if you find the game too difficult, the SNES version has a built in invincibilty code. Both games are good though, you can't go wrong either way.

The soundtrack comes down to preference. I actually prefer the SNES version. Most people will tell you that the Turbo Duo version has the best sountrack, but that, and the voice acting all really it's only advantages.

As for the PS2 version, I finally figured out how to play imports on my ps2, so I think I will finally get it. From what I hear though, people are pretty divided on the game, because it feels completely different than the originals.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 8, '12, 12:53 am 
As for the topic, I'm kind of an Ys expert, as you can probably tell by my name. It's my second favorite series behind Phantasy star. Ys III on SNES was my first game, I rented that, and Genesis versions multiple times. A few years later my friend bought a Turbo Duo at a tag sale, and it had a Ys Book 1 and 2 disc in it. He gave it me to since he doesn't play rpgs, but it was a few years until I was able to play completely. Through emulation I was eventually able to play most of the available games. Ys I SMS Ys 1-3 Nes, Ys IV on both SNES and Turbo Duo. To name a few. If it's be released, or translated into English, I've probably played it.

I always considered Ys to be an old school game, until I first saw screenshots of Ys Eternal. It immediately became my dream game, but I never thought I would be able to play it. Until Nightwolve and his team translated the PC version. I imported both Ys I and Ys II complete for PC, and I still consider them the definitive versions. When Oath of Felghana was released, I imported that too. Followed by the PS2 version Ys VI, since the PC version wasn't translated at that time, and I didn't have a PSP at the time. I eventually bought a PSP, because of the Falcom games. I bought Ys I and 2 Chronicles, Oath in Felghana, Ys VI, Gurumin, The 4 Legend of Heroes games, and an import version of Zwei.

BTW, high five to Wing Eye for being the only other person to play Ys Book I mobile. I actually wrote the FAQ on gamefaqs for it.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 8, '12, 3:06 am 
Hey Wanderer From Ys (love your user name) *High fives back* I'm glad someone else has played the mobile version, I thought it was very well made considering the limitations of phone games back then, and to hear the music in polyphonic alone is worth playing it :)
I've heard that Ys IV on the SNES and Turbo Duo are two different games, which one did you think was better? And do you know which one is considered cannon?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 8, '12, 12:10 pm 
Neither version was actually made by Falcom, but I believe the SNES version, Mask of the Sun is considered cannon. It is the version that was remade for the PS2 remakes. As for which is better, people are really divided, because they are both good games, and they are similar. They share some of the same characters. I prefer Mask of the Sun personally, It feels more like the natural sequel to Ys I and II.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 8, '12, 12:37 pm 
Wing Eye wrote:Oath In Felghana comes in UMD (thats the version I have) Theres also a collector's edition that comes with the fantastic soundtrack CD and a desktop calendar.

Yes I saw that on the net but..only in the USA, not imported in Europe..and the import of PSP Games is forbidden by Sony so...only ebay or othersites....:(

A mobile version ? So I think I'll never play it lol :)

So for the versions of Y's III it's nearly the same ? But I started the Megadrive version so...let's continue ! Like I said before, I prefer play on megadrive as a SEGA fan..^^
And I'll continue Mask of the Sun on the Super Nintendo : a lot of Ys to do !
But I've never played the second one : which version will be the best ? Nes ? Ds ? (the DS version of Ys chronicles, like on PSP, aren't buyable in Europe...:( )

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 8, '12, 7:48 pm 
The SNES and Genesis ones are basically the same game, but they feel a little different. They also have 2 different translations, so names and places are completely different. The SNES version went for more English sounding names, while the Genesis, and Turbo Duo stick closer to Japanese.

As for Ys II, as I said I consider Ys Eternal/Complete to be the definitive version, so I reccomend either that version, or the PSP version. PSP is region free, so importing shouldn't be a problem. The 2nd option would be to get the Turbo Duo version. Either from the Wii's Virtual Console, or through emulation. However in that game Ys I and II are the same game, so you would need to play through Ys I again.

Whichever choice you make, avoid Legacy of Ys for DS, it's an abomination.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 8, '12, 10:39 pm 
I learn a lot of things on the Ys serie since the opening of this topic and that's very interesting. Thanks a lot about the translation, differences in names and places.

I saw that Legacy of Ys wasn't a very good game and that's a shame because I'm a great fan of the DS system..but I'll avoid it, I swear it !
I'll try to have the PSP version but you're right : apparently the PSP games are now region free, and you can command them (for example on play asia) and recieved them in Europe : so cool ! So I'll try to buy them later.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, '12, 2:59 am 
That's a little harsh about the DS game, I thought it was good (just not near as good as the other versions, but I thought it was nice to have an actual attack button rather than the bump attack)

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, '12, 10:37 am 
Ah, the bump attack is something a bit strange : not to be able to swing your sword is really a bit weaird to some people (some of my friends who tried the first one original version were very disapointed) : but for me it's not really a problem : two different types of gameplays that's all :) More or less interactivity.
So there is an attack button in the DS version ? cool !

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, '12, 4:31 am 
Yeah, the bump attack never bothered me, but personally, I prefer an attack button. The DS version had three different controls: The classic bump attack, an attack button, and touch screen controls (similar to the bump attack, but you move Adol by tapping on the touch screen)
Has anyone heard what kind of controls the Vita remake of IV will have?

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