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PostPosted: Fri Jan 6, '12, 4:07 am 
I started with Ys III Wanderers from Ys on the Snes, it was a great game back in its day and I had always felt the series needed more games while I was growing up. It wasn't until a good bit into the PS2's life that I got Ys: The Ark of Napishtim. I felt the game was good for a Ys game but at sometimes it just drove me insane cause of the difficulty at times. After I got my japanese PS2 I imported Ys III Wanderers from Ys for the PS2 and in my opinion out of the PS2 remake and the PSP remake I enjoy the PS2 version better as it actually sticks true to the originals design and gameplay where as Oath In Felghana felt like Ys III mixed in with Ark of Napishtim.

I recently got YS 1 and 2 on my Wii and I haven't really played it much. Feels to me like I'm playing a football RPG but I enjoy the music. I've yet to play a majority of the games. I wanna get seven but I've always wanted to play 4. Every translated rom I can find is usually not fully translated.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 6, '12, 4:19 am 
Ooooo I'm so jealous that you have the PS2 version of Ys III, if I had the money I would get a Japanese PS2 just for that, I've only seen screen shots of it and it looks amazing! There is one thing I've always wanted to ask someone who has played it: What is the music like in the PS2 version? Is it real instruments like Oath in Felghana, or midi/synth like the originals?

PostPosted: Fri Jan 6, '12, 10:39 am 
Wing Eye wrote:@tilinelson2: Have you tried Gurumin yet? Its another Falcom gem on the PSP and I thought it was a fantastic action RPG.

I've already bought it, but I didn't play it yet. I have more games than I can play, so it will have to wait a bit :p

PostPosted: Fri Jan 6, '12, 10:53 am 
I understand your pain...but also the joy of finding back the game !
Ok for the PSP version : I will try to find it on ebay or others sites of auctions/sell, maybe in France.
I just saw the "offers" on ebay and ouch ! 40/50 dollars with delivery fees...I'll see other sites but this game will be in my top "I must buy them" games list ! i never played the second one so....
And now I want to continue teh third one : I just started it on both MD and SNES systems : which is the best version ?
I Think Tetris is out of place you're right ! :)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 6, '12, 11:00 am 
@ Wing Eye : Ah Gurumin !I Have it and played a few hours in the game : you're right, Wing Eye, great game : seems a bit childish at the beginning but a good system and good action adventure game.

A PS2 version of Ys 3 ? Hmm this game and the PSGeneration 1 and 2 : I think I'll buy a japanese ps2 in the months to come... :)

@ Kaloes : I started The Ark of Naphistim on PSP and it's the same : some parts are really very very hard..too difficult for me as I'm not a really good player (but it doesn't matter because I play for fun). But I'll try to hang on and continue it...
This topic will help me complete my (short) YS experience.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 7, '12, 12:40 am 
Its more like a real instrument version of the songs.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 7, '12, 5:20 am 
myau56 wrote:And now I want to continue teh third one : I just started it on both MD and SNES systems : which is the best version ?

The Mega Drive version by far! The SNES version felt to me like it wasn't balanced, it requires a lot more level grinding and even then you'll find yourself getting cheap-shotted quite often by the monsters. The MD version is more playable and you can get through it without having to save every 3 minutes.
This is just my personal opinion, but I also feel that the MD version has a much better soundtrack, I don't know if Falcom just didn't know how to program sound as well on the SNES or what, but the SNES is bland and generic sounding while the MD version is more intricate sounding and rocks like Falcom games are known for.
The one thing the SNES version has of the MD is the translation, the names and places are closer to what they should be, but then if you want the best version of the story, Oath In Felghana, the PSP version, is the way to go.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 7, '12, 5:23 am 
Kaloes wrote:Its more like a real instrument version of the songs.

Cool, I'll need to listen on youtube or something, Ys III has my favorite video game soundtrack of all time.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 7, '12, 8:43 pm 
@ Wing Eye : ok so I'll continue the megadrive (or genesis for you ;) ) version (I was always more a md fan than a Snes fan... so no soucy ^^But as a Phan it's almost logical ^^).
If I recall, someone before told me the same thing about the two versions.
Ah Music from Falcom ! Great Ys symphony CD (a masterpiece...)
I'll try to "find" the Oath in Felagana on the PSP so...can you find it on UMD or is it only through the PSN ?

Some years before, I started to play YS IV Mask of the Sun but all in japanese : I was stuck after some hours of play but I've just started to play it through an english rom version.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 7, '12, 11:03 pm 
Oath In Felghana comes in UMD (thats the version I have) Theres also a collector's edition that comes with the fantastic soundtrack CD and a desktop calendar.
Oh I love the music of Ys, if anyone knows where I can download MP3s of the Genesis/Mega Drive version of Ys III's soundtrack I would be eternally greatful <3
I started playing a translated rom of Ys IV, but as soon as I heard about the remake for Vita, I decided to wait for that :)

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