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PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, '10, 1:05 am 
Ok, i made this topic because I have some question about the difference between the true magic and techniques used in Phantasy star IV...

I have to know how did the cast technique? (Same thing for true magic)

What is the big difference between these two technique?

Thats it for now ^^

PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, '10, 4:33 am 
It's never really explained in the games. According to the Compendium book, people can learn to cast magic if they have certain genetic traits. True magic requires a lot of studying. Techniques are a weaker form of magic that is easier to learn. Everyone except the Espers just gave up on learning true magic in favor of the easier techniques.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, '10, 5:00 pm 
Maybe someone else have another theory? I want to have more theory about that...

PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, '10, 5:07 pm 
Well from what I know, Techniques were brought to Algo after Alis and Lutz returned after having been stranded in another system due to their shuttle being sabotaged.

As for what the difference is, I've always thought techniques were more of a scientific thing that allowed people to control a certain form of power, I'm not sure quite how to put it, whereas magic is just...well magic. Something that requires study, hence why Espers are so powerful.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 27, '10, 1:00 pm 
But, what is the big difference between these two when they must cast it? Thats a hard question i know ^^

PostPosted: Sun Jun 27, '10, 3:47 pm 
Well you have to look at it like this. From the original Phantasy Star they had magic but it wasn't stuff such as Flaeli,Hewn,ect. They started with Fire, Cure, Protect, Wind, ect..

Now think on these for a minute, if those were the basics of magic when Alis and Noah/Lutz were alive then how did it branch off to the grade of magic that Rune and Kyra have?

Well lets take this example for once. As its already been said, Alis and Noah/Lutz could have gone through the universe and learned of the technique to increase the power of magic, thus branching off from the original level of magic to a higher magic, thus True Magic.

Now heres another example.. After Noah/Lutz went into his long sleep and awoke in Phantasy Star II, he helped Eusis and his team with the magical Nei Items. But by the time Phantasy Star II came around the way of magic had already disappeared, but the knowledge of techniques was around, thus why techniques such as Foi, Gra, Tsu, Zan, ect existed. So how did techniques come to fruit but not magic?

True Magic is powerful and required lots of mentality and concentration. And the Original Magic was useable by anyone who could chant the words. So where did techniques come from? Well this can be explained quite easily if you think outside the box. Since True Magic is to strong for any individual to comprehend the ways of Original Magic had to be restored.

But the ways of Original Magic had most likely disappeared when contact with Palma was cut off during Mother Brains rain. So lets think of this as a situation. After Alis left to a new galaxy and Noah/Lutz returned on his ship with all the knowledge of True Magic how would the universe be able to control these powers?

I believe Noah/Lutz created a method during his time, as he was a great magician and teacher, he created a method to increase the power of Original Magic, but to keep its power away from True Magic he left out the method of attaining the gift. Noah/Lutz taught the methods for a few years, maybe a decade or two before he went into his sleep in Esper Mansion.

So now that the basic Techniques were created from Original Magic, thus Fire to Foi was made. How were the advanced techniques created without obtaining True Magic? Well this is all due to the individual. Higher Techniques are obtained through training of the mind and body, but without the intense study one cannot obtain True Magic. So the body convinces itself into increasing the power of the technique, thus the higher levels were born.

After centuries of training the people of Palma studied and taught their children and their children the ways of techniques, and the ways of Original Magic was lost and replaced with a new age of Techniques. The people of Palma moved and colonized the neighbor planet of Motavia and their lives continued on as if nothing happened.

Now during Noah/Lutz's sleep how could the Espers continue to learn True Magic without letting it overpower them mentally? This can easily be explained when the Mansion began to grow after the years. I believe Noah/Lutz believed that Alis was going to return to Algo during the time he awoke, so he continued to live the rest of his life in seclusion on Esper Mansion, teaching those of his people and their children the ways of True Magic.

Many centuries passed, and the second, third and fourth generation Lutz's continued the ways of Noah/Lutz's teachings, but left the followers to believe that they were the original Lutz, through Noah/Lutz's wishes. The teachings would go on through the generations, but only those who had the strength mentally could understand the ways of True Magic, and by the time Rune Walsh was born and was destined to be the next Lutz the ways of True Magic had flourished so much over the generations that the power of the new Lutz could be unmatched.

So now only a few Esper Warriors have the gift, that is because the ways of True Magic is to powerful, and so only a few gifted children with high magical powers when they were born were taught how to use True Magic without it corrupting them. While the rest of the inhabitants lived their lives in peace without the worries of fighting.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, '10, 3:41 pm 
I understand more now, thanks Kaloes for this great explanation =D

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