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 Post subject: O.J. Found Guilty
PostPosted: Sat Oct 4, '08, 10:30 pm 
Heard the news today that the Jury in the O.J. Simpson trial came back with a "guilty" verdict on all counts, I think it was, regarding the stolen memorabilia, etc. case. He will be sentenced at a later date in the future (not too far from now, I think). The sentence is expected to be a lengthy one.

Ironically, this sentence comes down exactly 13 years to the day from when he was acquitted of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson & Ron Goldman, I also heard.


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PostPosted: Sun Oct 5, '08, 2:46 am 
He should have kept himself out of trouble. Bad luck seems to follow this guy around like a shadow.

Who'd have guessed he'd be back in front of a jury trial for another crime so soon. :stir:

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 6, '08, 8:35 pm 
I heard the sentencing for O.J. will be on December 5th. His lawyers are expected to appeal very soon afterward. Whether, or not, those appeals will do any good still remains to be seen.

One of the reasons for appeal may be that none of the Jurors were African-Americans.

I also heard something to the effect of the Jurors paid more attention to recordings (video, etc.) than to the testimony of the witnesses as they thought the witnesses may not be all that credible, or something along those lines.

Be interesting to see how this all plays out in the end.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 7, '08, 6:58 pm 
Eh, it could be tied up in appeals for a few years before he does any hard time. Simpson, from what I've read and heard about him, seems to be one of those people that thinks he is above the law because he's a celebrity. I'm not surprised he got into trouble again - people like that usually do.

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