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PostPosted: Fri Sep 2, '16, 12:14 am 
Hermine has been upgraded from a tropical storm to a Hurricane as of today. Hermine is predicted to wreck some havic as it plows through Florida, Georgia, The Carolina's and other coastline Cities and States later Thursday night and Friday. ... /89644626/

Meanwhile, Hawaii did not suffer too much from Tropical Storm Madeline, but Hurricane Lester is one to watch out for.

Stay safe everyone! Too bad this happens on a Labor Day Holiday weekend which will spoil the fun for some people in these areas, but tis the season...Hurricane season, that is!

As for our area, I think all we may get is some rain and probably some wind! Not too bad, I hope!

PostPosted: Fri Sep 2, '16, 9:24 pm 
Hermine is currently forecast to track up the east coast and eventually become extra-tropical as it loses some of its hurricane features. It is also apparently likely to stall out somewhere along the coast, which has the chance to affect Massachusetts. Now I'll be honest - we need some rain here, so if it stalls out in a spot where it'll give MA some rain, I will not complain.

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