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 Post subject: Outdated Tech stuff
PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, '15, 2:37 am 
Technology has really advanced over the years. What was a new discovery and so popular a few years ago may now be old and outdated with some new item having taken it's place. This is true in the video game world also. I can remember when the Atari was so popular and everyone had to have one, but now some people may not even know what an Atari is but they can tell you all about the Wii or The Playstation, etc.

Saw this article about some things that had become outdated in the tech category and thought someone else might enjoy seeing it also, although I don't think there is video game related stuff included.

I can relate to the typewriter as I had one and used it for years, but now it is stored in the garage and I use my keyboard all the time. Same thing with some of these other items. ... cid=AARDHP

Comments or Opinions?

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