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 Post subject: Nutrition labels on meats
PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, '10, 1:32 am 
Nutrition labels are found on many food items already and beginning in 2012 they will also be found on meat items: ... 9_ST_N.htm

They hope this will make people more aware of the health choices regarding meats, etc., but I wonder if most people will even look at the labels.

Do you look at the nutrition labels on any of the foods you buy before you buy it? Does the information on the label influence you in any way in buying, or not buying, the product??

PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, '10, 2:14 am 
No, I usually don't pay very much attention to these labels. Occasionally I'll wonder if something has a certain vitamin in it and look for that. I can't say this will have much impact on my purchases, or lack thereof, of meat.

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