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 Post subject: New dollar bill designs
PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, '10, 11:35 pm 
Some people seem to think the dollar bill needs a makeover and they have come up with a few new designs for consideration if that makeover were to ever happen:

So, what does everyone think of these new designs?

Anyone have any ideas of other designs you would like to see in a makeover for these dollar bills?

Personally, I don't really see a need for a makeover. I think the money looks fine just like it is now, but it seems our world is ever changing and so our money must change to, I suppose.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, '10, 5:59 am 
I wouldn't expect major changes any time soon, since a few bills were just updated a few years back. Several of those designs also alter the size of the bill, which is unlikely to happen. That would require massive economic changes to accommodate the new dimensions - new wallets, new cash registers, new money counters, and so on.

I do like the idea of changing the design to be more vertically inclined, though. Most of us do handle money vertically rather than horizontally; it's easier to store and count that way. Altering the orientation of the corner numbers would make that even easier.

Putting Obama on the dollar bill in place of George Washington really hurts the chances of any new design being taken seriously, though. A sitting president has never, to my knowledge, been placed on any official money. Most people on the bills are there because they have some established historical significance. I don't think Obama has earned that quite yet.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, '10, 11:11 am 
*looks at the pics contained in the article the link goes to* Is this a joke? Please tell me it is.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 2, '10, 12:37 am 
Update to this story, sort of.

The $100 dollar bill is getting a makeover but the release of the new bills,which was to come in February of next year (2011) has been postponed due to some corrections that had to be made. ... elay_N.htm

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