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 Post subject: 3D Gaming vs 2D gaming?
PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, '14, 10:23 pm 
A new study out that finds that 3D Gaming makes one angrier than playing 2D gaming. Anyone have any comments on this? I suppose there is some merit to this in some ways. What do you all think? ... 71089.html

PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, '14, 3:20 am 
I can totally see this. From the earliest N64 days I was always vaguely irritated by 3D gaming, I think just because the abundance of space necessary to the increased environment is frustrating from a game play experience. It's a lot easier to get lost, harder to keep focused on a sense of objective, and probably a lot harder for developers to prevent glitches and just generally play-test things for level design deficiencies.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, '14, 11:44 am 
I'm big on intuitive gameplay design (And I'm an INTJ, so that really shouldn't be a shock), so I vastly prefer 2D gaming to 3D gaming.

Apart from being simpler, I feel like 2d games are more efficient games than 3d ones, making do with more of what they have than what 3d games are able to do with their limited space.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, '14, 4:51 pm 
I could get angry at some BattleToads levels, in 2D.

I, just like you, would definitely feel angrier because of the difficulty to navigate 3D, instead of because of the immersion. I do not like shooters, anyway, and I see no sense in spending my time playing something like GTA. If they did try to prove that immersion makes us feel angrier when playing (violent) games, the test would totally fail with me.

I would be angry at being lost in the 3D world (not knowing where to go) and at playing games I despise.

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