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 Post subject: Noodling
PostPosted: Wed Jul 3, '13, 6:12 pm 
A new trend in fishing, atleast to me, is called noodling. Anyone remember getting your fishing pole and bait ready when you want to go fishing? Well, not with noodling. Noodling is fishing with your bare hands!! And there is a champion noodler, and what's even's a girl!! Woo hoo!!! ... d=ansnowex

Sounds exciting, but I would be afraid a fish would bite me, or worse!!! Ya know?? Has anyone here ever tried, or heard of , noodling before and if so, how did you like it?

 Post subject: Re: Noodling
PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, '14, 9:51 pm 
Very strange fishing method ! I wouldn't dare to try it myself ! :( And if I'm looking at the good picture, the champion girl seems to be very pretty ! ;) Hope she'll not be bite by all those fish ! :)

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