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PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, '12, 6:04 pm 
I do recall reading about the level 99 stat glitch including strange technique assignments at times. Seeing it happen after the patch is applied is new, though. I would have expected that to be fixed by the IPS patch, but maybe the stat changes and technique changes are handled in two places and the patch only fixes one.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, '12, 6:23 pm 
Never heard about it but thanks for the info.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, '12, 7:43 pm 
Hm, right, I forgot for a minute that he doesn't learn anything normally. That makes this even more interesting. You might be the first person to take Seth all the way up to 99 since the patch was made. Somehow, I doubt that the person who initially made the patch, for Sega or one of their affiliates, tested it on him.

You mentioned the other characters - does that include Wren or Demi? I seem to recall them being affected by the weird tech changes of the old level 99 bug. Although I expect they would have been fixed by the patch, it would be curious if they were not. Like Seth, they don't learn techs by leveling, so I wonder if they would use the same code for that as him.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, '14, 4:19 pm 
I noticed this also, I was using a game-genie to make characters level 99 after a battle, and Seth learned Bio-Plant, since he has no TP, so use a code making him have 999 TP, When I used it, It crashed the game.

Probably a bug or a glitch, and also, people think "FEEVE" is a mystery ? XD

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, '14, 8:54 pm 
Seth: Watch this, Chaz! Watch what I can do! Bio-Plant!!
(the entire Bio-Plant appears before Chaz and the party)
Chaz: Whoa! That was awesome!
Rune: Ugh, damn it. I'm never going to hear the end of this.
Rika: What do you mean, Rune?

Shir: (peeks out of the Bio-Plant) Oh my God. Rolf!! A game glitch caused involuntary time travel! Again! >_<
Rolf: When are we now? (peeks out) You! (marches towards Chaz, Neisword in hand) Where's my Meseta, pal!?
Chaz: (gets in Rolf's face) I told you, you're getting paid when I'm getting paid! >_<
Rika: Please, Mister Rolf, don't mind Chaz. He hasn't taken on a Guild job in months... ^_^;
Nei: Hey! Stop being an imitation replacement me, Future Genome Me! (gets in Rika's face)
Rune: No. It was bad enough when Rolf explained this to me the first time. Chaz, I refuse to explain this when it happens. I'm going back to Esper Mansion and I'm putting a gun in my mouth. No prophecy is worth this.
Amy: Suicide is no laughing matter, Rune! (starts lecturing/counseling Rune)

Shir: (pulls out a tea set and starts serving Wren) Where's that blue-haired lady with the boomerangs? I miss her.
Wren: She's back on Dezolis, Miss Gold.
Shir: Oooh. Wanna help me steal Chaz's ship and get it back to my era? We can totally make a few thousand for it on eBaya. XD

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