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 Post subject: No food in 70 years
PostPosted: Tue May 11, '10, 9:15 pm 
An 82 year old Indian Yogi claims he has lived without food or water for 70 years: ... ?GT1=43001

While I do believe in miracles, I find this a little hard to believe!

Comments or Opinions?

 Post subject: Re: No food in 70 years
PostPosted: Tue May 11, '10, 10:22 pm 
That is difficult to believe. If he's been monitored for two weeks, that's one thing, but t70 years is a lot longer than two weeks. I won't say it isn't possible because there is a lot we don't know about how the human body works. It certainly defies what we do know, though.

 Post subject: Re: No food in 70 years
PostPosted: Tue May 11, '10, 11:10 pm 
Living without water is the impossible part. It is integral to the human body and he would lose quite a bit when you do a certain elimination.

And Aha!

Quote:Jani, dubbed "the starving yogi" by some, did have limited contact with water while gargling and periodically bathing, reported the news wire service AFP. While researchers said they measured what he spit out, Van Rooyen said he's clearly getting fluid somehow.

"You can hold a lot of water in those yogi beards. A sneaky yogi for certain," he said. "He MUST take in water. The human body cannot survive without it." The effects of food and water deprivation are profound, Van Rooyen explained. “Ultimately, instead of metabolizing sugar and glycogen [the body’s energy sources] you start to metabolize fat and then cause muscle breakdown. Without food, your body chemistry changes. Profoundly malnourished people autodigest, they consume their own body’s resources. You get liver failure, tachycardia, heart strain. You fall apart.”

Maybe he took in water through the pores in his skin while taking his bath. Remember he PERIODICALLY took a bath. That is how he could have gotten enough water to meet the basics.

This person on the comments was amusing. The other commentary was amusing..

Quote:Does the Yogi urinate? When heated, does he sweat? Are there things in his intestinal tract? If nobody in the two weeks found or checked for any of the above (and more), they were all in on the hoax in some way.

And if he does not need water, why is he gargling anyway? For that matter, he shouldn't be allowed to bathe in water during these tests either.

Why did he even need to gargle water or bathe? He claims he doesn't need water.

He could simply be just absorbing the molecules from the water to sustain himself indirectly?

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