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 Post subject: Nintendo's new President
PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, '15, 7:32 pm 
Nintendo has named a new President of the company: ... 03696.html

He has been with Nintendo for several years.

Comments or Opinions?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, '15, 10:46 pm 
I don't know much about this guy, but the fact that he's been promoted from within, and has worked with the company behind Pokemon seems like it would be relevant experience. Hopefully this guy won't have the extreme tunnel vision other execs in the industry tend to have.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, '15, 10:55 pm 
Well he seems to realize that putting out the Wii U wasn't a very good move on Nintendo's part.
However it seems under him that Nintendo is about to make the same mistake with the NX.
I honestly think he should consider delaying the release and instead have the company focus on a powerhouse of a console that can compete with the next consoles by Microsoft and Sony and brings the third party publishers back.

It would mean the Wii U would have to be supported longer but seeing as just releasing a new console within a year would probably kill it and leave a lot of buyers rather angry as the console they spend money on is so quickly dropped it may be better.

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