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PostPosted: Sun Jul 7, '13, 6:10 am 
And by golly, it's very realistic!

In a nutshell, simulated water has always taken up gobs of memory, so its animation is usually fairly static to conserve space. A new algorithm created by Nvidia makes animated fluids more realistic AND doesn't consume tons of computer space. Anyway, the videos are fun to watch, especially at around 30 seconds in the first one, where you can see the underlying particles that make up the water. I think I like the second video better. The water crashing against the lighthouse really puts the animation into perspective. Can't wait to see this animation integrated into new video games! ... 2467.phtml

If you're a real science nut, here's the PDF written by the developers of Position Based Fluids.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 8, '13, 12:01 am 
Wow, that is pretty cool!

The old-school side of me remembers the still frames of Myst and Riven. I'm sure if the water actually moved, the latter would have been more than 5 discs! :D The more up-to-date side of me is also looking forward to seeing how this will be implemented down the line. I know the beach scenes were among some of the most visually stunning on Phantasy Star Online Ep. 2; it would be fun to see super-realistic effects in the games I want to play in the future!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, '14, 10:33 pm 
Impressive ! And as I love so much rabbits, these videos are more fantastic ! :) Great job here ! And I'll try to speak about it during my mathematics lessons ! Algorithm is often very complicated ! ;)

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