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PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, '11, 9:26 am 
Been a while since I been involved with this. :blank:

Anyway I'm gonna go with D as well.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, '11, 5:48 am 
I say B.

PostPosted: Wed May 4, '11, 12:29 am 
Chris sat behind the wall, thinking of what he should say. After a bit of thinking, Chris began to speak, "Back when this all started, I didn't know what was going on. People were running away from each other, eating each other alive.It was complete and utter chaos." Chris fought back tears as he thought of the next part, "A little girl was walking towards me, whimpering. She cried for her mommy. I noticed she was bit, but I ran up to her anyway and picked her up in my arms. I asked her where her mother was but there was no response."

Chris stopped thinking of the little blonde haired girl who looked to be seven, maybe even eight. She was young, and fragile. "She died in my arms and I couldn't believe it. I ended up holding onto her for a minute or two until she, came back to life as one of those damn things. She tried to bite me but I managed to push her away. As I tried to get away she, she grabbed my leg and bit me." Chris touched his scar.

"When you said back when this all started. Do you mean Z Day?" Black asked as he made way for Green who had Chris' stuff. "Yes. That was a month ago." Black quickly replied, almost shouting, "How the hell did you survive without turning into one of them?!"

"To be honest, I'm not too sure what happened. Shortly after that someone came and shot the girl, she died a second time. Then the gun was held up to me. I panicked and started to run away, but I couldn't get away too fast from my leg. I got clubbed from behind, and when I woke up, I was in the park, ten blocks from where I was. And I had some holes in my arm." Chris stopped talking as he thought about what happened.

Green appeared from around the corner and set his stuff down. He looked at her and noticed that she had blonde hair. She looked to be about thirteen. She reminded him of that little girl and he quickly looked away.

I left it off at a weird spot. So options are rather limited.

A - Grab stuff and try to escape
B - Grab stuff and use Green as hostage
C - Grab stuff and sit there
D - Don't grab stuff and sit there
E - Author's Mind

PostPosted: Fri May 6, '11, 8:58 am 
Hmm, I think I'm gonna go with " E " on this one.

PostPosted: Fri May 6, '11, 9:19 am 
Hm, I'll agree with E.

PostPosted: Sun May 8, '11, 4:47 am 
"Thanks," Chris murmured as he pulled his hand away from his scar. It didn't look good for him right now. He grabbed his things and threw his shirt on, Green just looking at him, reminding him of his past.

"Green, why are you just staring? You should get back here," Black said, forcing himself not to shout. "Green looked at him, and nodded, taking one last look at Chris. He wasn't there. "Gotcha!" Chris said as he grabbed Green from behind, his gun up to her head. He still had a couple bullets left. Sure, he had no intention of hurting her, but neither did he have the intention to die here.

"GREEN!" Black shouted, pointing his own gun at Chris. "Sorry, I don't mean to hurt you, I just want to get away," Chris whispered into Green's ear, the cold steel of his gun pushing up against her temple. "I don't want to hurt her, but if you put your guns to the side and clear a path to the exit, I won't hurt her."

"Green, are you okay?" the silver haired man asked. Green just nodded her reply. "Alright, put your weapons down," the man said. "But-" "Just do it Black!" "Fine," Black reluctantly agreed while sliding his gun to the side with the others. They made a path as Chris walked through them, out the door and to the entrance.

He got about five feet from the window when they appeared in the room, following him. "I'm sorry about this," Chris said as he let Green go and dashed out the window, climbing down the ladder. A zombie was at the bottom, seemingly waiting for him.

A - Climb back up (0-possible survivors wanting to kill him)
B - Jump onto the zombie (1-3)
C - Shoot the zombie (1-5)
D - Jump beside the zombie, and use the crowbar to kill it (1-2)
E - Author's Mind (1-???)

PostPosted: Mon May 9, '11, 11:35 pm 
I'm gonna say D.

PostPosted: Tue May 10, '11, 9:30 am 
Think I'll go with "B".

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PostPosted: Tue May 10, '11, 10:44 am 
I'll go with D.

PostPosted: Wed May 11, '11, 9:23 am 

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