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 Post subject: Conan's new set / Mario
PostPosted: Sun Jun 7, '09, 6:38 pm 
I think this was supposed to be some kind of hoax or something....but I'm not sure: ... -hoax.html ... -bros.html

PostPosted: Sun Jun 7, '09, 10:43 pm 
On Friday, Conan made a joke of it during his monologue. I was aware of this image that had been created, so I got the joke...and found it quite funny when Conan brought it up during the show.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 8, '09, 12:16 am 
It's neat that someone could take the background for his show and match it up to Mario games so well. I suppose it was suppose to be an outline of a city, but it certain does look like some kind of giant game level.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, '09, 1:56 pm 
Yeah I see now it's not supposed to be but having those pics match up, it does resemble a level very much so. It's a shame they didn't actually do it.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 18, '09, 9:34 pm 
I just read that one of Conan's recent guests was actor William Shatner (Kirk, "Star TreK). Sounds like Kirk can't even do the vulcan peace symbol, but Conan can. ... 17272.html

LOL, I'll bet that was quite a scene when Shatner was pulled over for speeding while wearing his Star Trek uniform. :rofl:

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