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Nial or Ayn?
Nial 38%  38%  [ 3 ]
Ayn 63%  63%  [ 5 ]
Total votes : 8
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 4, '08, 10:46 pm 
Thoul wrote:I prefer the Ayn route, but just for Sari.

This. You might as well close the topic.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 5, '08, 8:17 pm 
Sari is awesome, I agree. She is a hottie, as well as an unbelievable fighter. She makes Ayn look like a wuss. Really.

Either way, Lena births two of the most attractive characters in PSIII. I prefer Nial's generation because of the compelling storyline, the mystery of the renegade known as Ryan (is he also a dragon-knight?) and the possibility of having twins - Adan and Gwyn. (Tsunami - I also like Aron's generation, too). ;)

Srijita: I loved your story, and I'm already dying for the next chapter! :hyper:

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 6, '08, 4:26 am 
I prefer taking the Ayn route, mostly because Sean is my favorite 3rd generation character, but also because Sean/Crys go through most of Nial's quest anyway. The Adan/Aron generations have basically no reason to visit the Draconia dome other than as a pass-through. Going the Ayn route just feels like you've done everything in the game. The Sara-Thea love triangle is also such a great part of the story, much more interesting than Laya/Alair. The tension that must have been present in that group is almost too much to imagine.

I will concede that Rhys marrying Lena makes more sense than Maia. The idea of unifying two warring groups of people is a great story at a macro level, but at the personal level it's more believable that Rhys would fall for Lena after their journey together.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 7, '08, 4:57 pm 
I should give the Rhys/Ayn/Sean route a try one day. Just curious though, have you ever listened to music and you can imagine scenes from the game as if they were in anime style? I did one day, just makes me wish I could draw a whole lot better though. I was goin to the mall with my wife a few days ago and that song "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion came on and while it was playing I pictured events starting from Rhys finding Maia, and a lot of events throughout his generation, Ayn finding Thea and rescuing her from Siren, all the way to the explosions on Azura with Sean watching outside the spacecraft as his parents are engulfed by the flames, with smiles on their faces and the ship hurls towards the Alisa III.

Yes I know, I need some kinda hobby or something lol

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